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 Features & Benefits
Leading Edge Power Protection for High Performance Computers
Back-UPS Pro USB

The first uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with a USB port that was designed for the computing environment. APC Back-UPS Pro 350 and Back-UPS Pro 500 are uniquely designed to improve your productivity by ensuring that your computer, Internet connection, and all of your peripherals are protected with high-performance surge suppression and intelligent battery backup. APC Back-UPS Pro continuously conditions the power coming into your computer, and instantly switches your computer to emergency battery backup power during brief power outages without data loss or downtime. Refer to the Back-UPS Pro USB runtime chart for additional information. (Mac OS 9 support with BP500CLR only)

Model Information
120V Output / 120V Input
Technical Specifications Part Number Estimated Resale Price
(U.S. Dollars)
Back-UPS Pro USB 350 BP350UC $149.99
Back-UPS Pro USB 500 Clear BP500CLR $179.99
Back-UPS Pro USB 500 BP500UC $179.99

* Denotes regional product availability by voltage requirement.

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