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Back-UPS Pro

High Availability Power Protection for Business Computers

Power problems wreak havoc on today's multitasking networked or stand-alone PCs. The more you do with your PC, the more you stand to lose. An APC Back-UPS Pro instantly switches your computer to emergency battery backup power and allows you to work through brief power outages without data loss or downtime. The APC Back-UPS Pro uses PowerChute® plus power management software with WorkSafe® to save files and shut down your computer safely in the event of an extended power failure. High-performance surge suppression for AC line and network/dataline protects all paths to your system from electrical noise and damaging power surges - even lightning. Refer to the Back-UPS Pro runtime chart for additional information.

Features & Benefits
Uninterruptible Power Protects your data by supplying battery backup when power fails
Lightning and Surge Protection Shields hardware from damage
Easy Overload Recovery Push-button circuit breaker, instead of a standard fuse, eliminates the need to return the unit to the factory for service.
Multipath Protection With dedicated outlets for computer, monitor and peripherals everything is safe from the threat of bad power.
Internet Ready: Protection for Fax/Modem/Network Connection Protects internal and external modems, your motherboard and other system components with fax, modem or network line surge protection.
DoubleBoost™ and SmartTrim™ Correct over- and under-voltages, without draining the battery. This preserves battery resources and ensures your APC Back-UPS Pro will provide the optimum runtime during a complete blackout.
CellGuard™ intelligent battery management Actively increases battery life and system reliability using FastCharge™ technology, automatic battery and circuitry self-tests, and advanced diagnostics.
Cord management The APC Back-UPS Pro includes two Velcro straps to organize your equipment's cords, eliminating cabling "rat's nests."
User-renewable UPS System With normal use, a UPS battery will last three to six years. APC's renewable UPS system eliminates the need for factory service and loss of protection by letting you replace batteries for a fraction of the cost of a new UPS.
Surge-only outlets Are always on for convenience
BlockSafe™ Outlets/Cord Extensions Accommodate even the largest transformer blocks without covering other outlets.
PowerChute® plus software
Software is available for some Back-UPS Pro models. Refer to the management software section of the technical specifications for detailed information by part number.
Site Wiring Fault Indicator Immediately warns you of wiring problems like improper grounds that could cause shocks or prevent the UPS from adequately suppressing surges. (120V units only)
Audible Alarms Actively let you know if the unit is on battery, if the battery is low, or if there is an overload condition.
Automatic Diagnostic Testing Biweekly testing of all internal components, including the battery, ensures your APC Back-UPS Pro is ready when you need it.
Warranty & Approvals
APC "Best in Class" Longest Runtime Guarantee APC Back-UPS will provide runtime which meets or exceeds that of any same VA UPS for desktop PC applications or your money back
$25,000 Lifetime Equipment Protection - Even Covers Lightning! APC is the only manufacturer that guarantees its products will protect your properly connected equipment from lightning strikes for life. Should surge damage occur, APC will repair or replace up to $25,000 of your equipment
Two-Year Comprehensive Product Warranty All APC UPS products come with a comprehensive two-year warranty that covers all parts and labor, even those we don't make ourselves, like the battery.
Industry Approvals UL & CSA approvals mean a safe, reliable solution to power problems.

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