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 APC InfraStruXure for Medium Data Centers: (Rooms of 20 -100 Racks Utilizing 80kW Zones)


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InfraStruXure for Server Rooms

On-demand architecture for Network-critical Physical Infrastructure
in medium data centers containing 20 - 100 racks.


Changing the way the world designs data centers ...

APC's InfraStruXure is on-demand architecture for network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI). The InfraStruXure design, which integrates power, cooling, rack, management and services, allows the selection of standardized components to create a solution through modular and mobile configurations. This standardization enables an easily scalable architecture designed to meet changing needs and future expansion. This award-winning, patent-pending approach provides increased availability, improved adaptability and speed of deployment as well as lower total cost of ownership for IT environments.

Modular Systems (Pre-packaged):

Products Part Number Product Distribution*
InfraStruXure Medium Density 40 Rack Solution, N+1 Redundancy, 5kW per Rack
United States, Canada

* Denotes regional product availability by voltage requirement.

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