APC Products » Galaxy 4000 Series

 APC MGE Galaxy 4000 Series: 40-75kVA robust 3 phase 208/208VAC UPS Systems

On-line double conversion technology for true isolation between input and output
• Power protection designed to meet a wide range of requirements from medium data centers to industrial and facilities applications

InfraStruXure for Server Rooms MGE Galaxy 10kVA to 225kVA

Increased performance and reliability, all at competitive cost



MGE Galaxy 4000 offers centralized 3 phase power protection with the reliability of the MGE product family. Ideal for small to medium data centers, facilities and transportation, the MGE Galaxy 4000 offers on-line double conversion technology for true isolation between input and output. Availability is achieved through zero transfer time for critical loads. The Network Management Card with temperature monitoring provides remote power management and monitoring through a simple Web/SNMP interface and provides integration with StruxureWare Data Center Expert. Serviceability is greatly enhanced by front panel access and includes start-up service for increased configurability. All these features make the MGE Galaxy 4000 the easiest UPS in its class to install, manage and maintain.

Model List:

Part Number Description
GLF40KF MGE Galaxy 4000 40kVA 208V
GLF50KF MGE Galaxy 4000 50kVA 208V
GLF65KF MGE Galaxy 4000 65kVA 208V
GLF75KF MGE Galaxy 4000 75kVA 208V

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