NetShelter® Premium Enclosures (Legacy Products)
Premium solution for a secure, managed network environment

NetShelter AR1000HD
Vented Glass Front Door
Fully Vented Front Door
Enclosure Bundles
NetShelter Premium Enclosures are high-quality, freestanding cabinets that save floor space, organize equipment, eliminate cabling 'rat's nests,' and physically protect your investment. The Enclosures provide 42U (73.5") or 22U (38.5") of vertical equipment space for industry-standard 19" rack-mount equipment and meet EIA-310-D requirements.

Protecting today's network environment from power and environmental variables is essential to ensuring high system reliability. APC's Premium NetShelter Enclosure solution provides one-stop shopping to meet the needs for rack-mount server and internetworking equipment. In addition, ensuring a smooth and flawless installation of new rack-mount equipment into a data center or remote location is critical to the success of any business. NetShelter Premium Enclosures are specifically designed to make integration, ongoing maintenance, and expansion as quick and easy as possible.

The Premium Enclosure provides the front to rear ventilation required by most rack mount equipment. The front door is designed with safety glass while the rear door is designed with fully vented mesh.

The High Density version provides fully vented front and rear doors for those configurations requiring increased levels of ventilation.

APC's award winning Smart-UPS, power management software, and environmental monitoring accessories combined with the NetShelter Premium Enclosure to form an integrated solution ideal for a variety of network configurations.

Features & Benefits
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Warranty & Approvals
Product Warranty 5-Year limited warranty on Premium Enclosures
2-Year limited warranty on Accessories
Standards EIA-310-D; Internal Protection Rating IP20
Model Information

Legacy Products

Technical Specifications

Part Number
42U Premium Base Enclosure AR1000A  
42U Premium High Density Base Enclosure AR1000HD  
42U Premium Expansion Enclosure AR1001A  
42U Premium High Density Expansion Enclosure AR1001HD  
22U Premium Base Enclosure AR1100A  
Smart-UPS 1400RM2U and 42U Premium Base Enclosure AR1200A  
Smart-UPS 2200RM3U and 42U Premium Base Enclosure AR1205A  
Smart-UPS 3000RM3U and 42U Premium Base Enclosure AR1210A  
Smart-UPS 5000RMT5U and 42U Premium Base Enclosure AR1215A  

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