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Wall-mount Transfer Switches

(1440W - 12000W)
Automatic, uninterruptible and intelligent transfer of power


The only transfer switch that can transfer power without interruption!

The APC Universal Transfer Switch (UTS) monitors the utility power conditions of your home or small business and safely transfers loads to TWO backup power sources when a power disturbance occurs. Power is conveniently distributed from the backup sources to as many as ten circuits, keeping critical loads such as lights, furnaces, well pumps, and home appliances up and running during an outage. Unlike other transfer switches that are compatible only with generators, the UTS can also be connected to a UPS. As a result of this unique feature, your most important loads will remain uninterrupted and conditioned during that critical time between a power failure and generator start-up. The UTS also incorporates patent-pending Adaptive Load Management technology (ALM™) which intelligently monitors power usage and automatically sheds and reconnects loads in order to prevent generator overload. All APC Universal Transfer Switches comply with the UL 1008 transfer switch standard, giving you peace of mind during installation and operation.

Model List
Products Part Number Price **
120V, 240V Input
APC Universal Transfer Switch 10-Circuit 120/240V UTS10BI Contact Bomara
APC Universal Transfer Switch 6-Circuit 120/240V UTS6BI Contact Bomara
Products Part Number Price **
120V Input
APC Universal Transfer Switch 6-Circuit 120V UTS6 Contact Bomara
APC Universal Transfer Switch Hardwire Kit UTSHW Contact Bomara
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