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Smart-UPS DPPerformance power protection for centralized servers,
midrange systems and business critical servers

Features & Benefits:

Delta Conversion On-line Technology Provides greater performance, filtering, reliability and efficiency than double conversion, on-line UPS units.
Full rated output available in KW This provides 25% more real power for the mission critical loads. Power factor ratings of power supplies have increased recently which place much higher demands on the UPS for the real power. Typical UPS are rated for 0.65 to 0.75 power factor. Smart-UPS DP is rated to deliver power factor of 1. This translates to more use-able real power for your mission critical application.
Network-grade line conditioning Full time EMI/RFI filters prevent line noise from causing data errors
Lightning and Surge Protection When measured via ANSI/IEEE 587 Category ''A" and "B" tests, the suppression performance of the APC Smart-UPS is superior to virtually all separate surge suppressors.
Intelligent Battery Management The controller features battery monitoring and temperature compensated battery charging. This ensures control of the battery capacity in cyclic intervals and charging under optimized conditions. The result is a higher system reliability and prolonged battery lifetime.
Automatic Self Test Biweekly testing of all internal components, including the battery, ensures your UPS is ready when you need it.
Built-in automatic bypass Ensures seamless power to the loads even in the event of an electronics failure or an overload condition
Extendable Run Time Meet long run-time needs.
Audible Alarms Audible alarms alert you to changes in operating environment and battery conditions. Some alarms are software configurable and most can also be suppressed or delayed to eliminate nuisance alarms.
Built-in SmartSlot These products are equipped with a built-in SmartSlot allowing you to implement various UPS Accessory cards to customize and enhance the management of your Smart-UPS. Optional accessories allow you to remotely reboot individual devices, monitor ambient temperature and humidity and work with Emergency Power-Off (EPO) systems. (SmartSlot option not available on SU420NET/SU620NET models)
Software PowerChute Business Edition, departmental-level UPS management software, provides safe system shutdown and UPS management for servers and workstations.
Multiple System Shutdown APC provides a reliable, centralized power protection solution that is easy to install and manage. When an APC UPS is protecting multiple computer systems, Multiple System Shutdown enables the UPS to communicate reliably with all servers connected and provides gentle, unattended shutdown during an extended power outage.
Web Management This Web-empowered technology enables administrators to complete a variety of tasks via APC’s Web site, including troubleshooting potential problems and proactively updating their UPSs power management features with-in PowerChute. It gives the user a link back to APC to aid in diagnosing/ordering/replacing a bad battery, provides upgrade information, and assists the user with warranty registration. (These features are not available on the SU420NET/620NET models).
Out-of-Band Management The Out-of-band Management Card works with external modem to provide out-of-band UPS management for Smart-UPS DP, allowing the customer to reboot a distant locked-up device through out-of-band modem link. The customer can also determine UPS status, diagnose power problems and configure UPS settings even when LAN communications are not available. The Out-of-band Management Card can even page the customer in event of a power event.
Input Power Factor Correction This product has a power factor corrected input side ensuring that the input power factor is always 1 regardless of load and mains voltage. A power factor of 1 minimizes installation costs by allowing the use of smaller cables and smaller fuses.
Full rated output available in KW The Smart-UPS DP is rated in real power; meaning that 10 kVA equals 10 kW of output when supporting a power factor corrected load.
Delta Conversion On-line Technology Provides greater performance, filtering, reliability and efficiency than double conversion, on-line UPS units.
Environmental Protection A smaller monthly electric bill is visible proof of the energy conservation offered by this product which results in less pollution as you use less power and reduce the CO2 emitted from the power plant. In the event of fire, no halogen gases are emitted. All SUDP systems are manufactured almost entirely with recyclable materials. Moreover, all packaging material is made with recyclable materials to conserve natural resources and is developed under ISO14000 certification.
Designed and manufactured under ISO9001 / ISO14001 certification APC's solution complies with ISO 9001 Quality standards, and ISO 14001 Environmental standards.

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