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Smart-UPS DPPerformance power protection for centralized servers,
midrange systems and business critical servers

These products are now discontinued,
Please Contact Bomara for any additional service, support & battery replacement.

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Ordering Information for the Smart-UPS DP UPS Series:

Part Number Products Estimated Runtime (hrs:mins) Product Distribution*
230 V Output / 230 V Input
APC Smart-UPS DP 4KVA 230V 2:26 International
APC Smart-UPS DP 6KVA 230V 2:26 International
APC Smart-UPS DP 8KVA 230 V 2:38 International
APC Smart-UPS DP 10KVA 230V 2:38 International
* Denotes regional product availability by voltage requirement.

Description for the Smart-UPS DP UPS Series:

Smart-UPS DP protects your data by continuously supplying network-grade power regardless of the input power. With PowerChute ® plus software the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will safely store data and shut down your network operating system before the battery is fully discharged, whether you're there or not. SmartSlot internal accessory slot allows you to install optional accessories to enhance the performance of your UPS. APC Smart-UPS DP is the perfect UPS for multiple file servers, minicomputers, UNIX CPU's, server farms, small mainframes, electronic control systems, telecommunications systems and other mission-critical applications.

Smart-UPS DP Extended Run
Expandable, extended-run power protection for maximum uptime applications. All Smart-UPS DP models allow for expanding runtime by simply plugging in additional matching battery packs.

Smart-UPS DP Accessories
Smart-UPS DP models can be configured with an external wall mounted maintenance bypass for high availability applications. Galvanic isolation transformers are available to step down the input voltage from 380/400/415V.

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