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Smart-UPS On-Line

These products are now discontinued,
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Ordering Information for the Smart-UPS On-Line UPS Series:

Part Number Products Estimated Runtime (hrs:mins) Product Distribution*
230V Output / 230V Input
SUOL1000UXI 1000VA 230V NO BATTERIES International
SUOL1000XLI 1000VA 230V 2:21 International
SUOL2000UXI 2000VA 230V NO BATTERIES International
SUOL2000XLI 2000VA 230V 2:29 International
* Denotes regional product availability by voltage requirement.

Description for the Smart-UPS On-Line UPS Series:

Double conversion on-line power protection for servers and networks.

The Smart-UPS On-Line products are based on field proven, industry leading Smart-UPS functionality but offer a double conversion on-line topology that delivers tight voltage and frequency regulation, zero transfer time to and from battery, and input power factor correction. While offering advanced performance and high availability features (see Features & Benefits), the Smart-UPS On-Line can be managed using APC's PowerChute® plus software as well as an array of SmartSlot accessories. Smart-UPS On-Line UPS's provide battery back up to the load through the use of internal batteries. An unlimited number of external battery packs (part # SUOL48XLBP) can be added to scale the runtime to desired levels. All UPS's and battery packs ship as a tower, but can easily be converted to a 19" rack-mount configuration with the addition of a Rail Kit (Part # SUOLRK). Smart-UPS On-Line is a high performance UPS for servers, networking equipment, telecommunication systems, industrial and medical equipment, and other mission-critical applications. Refer to the Smart-UPS OnLine runtime chart for additional information.

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