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Includes PowerChute plus software for advanced UPS power management and diagnostics and APC's PowerNet SNMP Agent

APC Smart-UPS ship with APC's PowerChute plus UPS power management and diagnostic software to provide network administrators with useful UPS information and great flexibility in configuring UPS reaction to power events. By tailoring each UPS to the network environment you can significantly enhance network performance and reliability. Use your APC Smart-UPS in conjunction with PowerChute plus for maximum, custom protection. In addition to extensive unattended system shutdown, you'll get UPS testing/status, Remote UPS management and Environmental/power monitoring. Smart-UPS includes PowerChute plus support for Novell Netware, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.x and Windows for Workgroups.

APC's PowerNet SNMP Agent, included with PowerChute plus permits you to monitor and control the APC UPS's protecting servers along your entire network data path. Smart-UPS includes PowerNet SNMP Agent for Windows NT and Novell Netware.

Smart-UPS features...

  • Instantaneous Backup Power beats blackouts and brownouts
    According to a study by Bell Labs, undervoltages represent the overwhelming majority of power problems likely to hit your computer. Instantaneous power from the Back-UPS prevents data loss caused by outages and brownouts.
  • Site-wiring fault indicator
    The Smart-UPS' site wiring fault indicator identifies potentially dangerous wiring problems before you plug in your valuable equipment.
  • Full-time Surge Suppression and Noise Isolation
    Full-time surge suppression prevents catastrophic hardware damage and extends system life. EMI/RFI filtering prevents electrical noise from affecting computer operation or introducing "glitches" into data files.
  • CellGuard, Intelligent Battery Management
    Microprocessor controlled circuitry monitors battery performance and maximizes battery life via: SmartBoost/SmartTrim; automatic self-tests and reporting; on battery, low battery, replace battery indicators; fast battery recharging; and battery discharge protection.
  • Advanced Warning Diagnostics
    Front panel LED's indicate on line, on battery, overload, and replace battery conditions; audible alarms also alert the user when the system is overloaded, on battery, has reached low battery, or needs battery replacement.
  • User replaceable, hot swappable batteries
    Smart-UPS models have user replaceable batteries that can be easily swapped out without powering down the connected load. This saves the time and expense of returning the UPS to the factory for battery service.
  • SmartBoost and SmartTrim provide true brownout and overvoltage correction
    True brownout and overvoltage protection from SmartBoost and SmartTrim increases your productivity by allowing you to work through problems without using battery power.
  • Modem/Fax/Network Protection (SU420NET and SU620NET models only)
    Modem/Fax/Network Protection prevents surges and spikes from reaching your modem, fax, or 100Base-TX network connection.
  • $25,000 lifetime Equipment Protection Policy
    If your properly connected equipment is ever damaged by an AC surge, including surges due to lightning, APC will repair or replace our product and up to $25,000 of connected equipment for as long as you own your Smart-UPS. (US and Canada only. See policy for details.)
  • Industry approvals
    UL, and CSA approvals mean a safe, reliable solution to your power problems.
  • Two year warranty
    Unmatched reliability means you can purchase all APC products with confidence.


  • Software configurable features, data logging
    Customize the operation of an APC Smart-UPS to your environment and needs. With PowerChute plus software as well as the PowerNet SNMP Adapter* you can adjust eleven operating parameters. Settings are stored in APC Smart-UPS's parameters memory (EEPROM). The following parameters are adjustable:
    • UPS ID
      Users may assign any 8 character string to assist in UPS identification. For example, UPS ID may be server name or UPS location.
    • Low Transfer
      Low transfer voltage may be moved downward to extend brownout range or upward to protect sensitive equipment
    • High Transfer
      High transfer voltage may be moved lower to protect sensitive equipment or higher to conserve battery during extended line conditions
    • Sensitivity
      Sensitivity to line noise may be adjusted for fuel powered AC generator applications
    • Self-Tests
      APC Smart-UPS automatically performs self-tests every two weeks. This ensures a weakening battery will be detected before it's too late. Users can opt for weekly testing, testing on start up only, or no automatic self test.
    • Alarm
      The audible alarm may be suppressed or delayed to eliminate nuisance alarms
    • Low battery capacity
      The low battery warning may be moved from 2 minutes up to 10 minutes before battery exhaustion. This allows plenty of time for safe shutdown for UNIX or other complex applications.
    • Minimum Battery Capacity
      When utility line returns after a shutdown, APC Smart-UPS can insure that the batteries first recharge to allow for subsequent safe shutdown for file servers and CPU's. For Telecom or Hub applications, APC Smart-UPS can be set to reboot immediately.
    • Shutdown Delay
      The delay between when the "shutdown signal" is sent from the CPU to UPS and when the UPS "shuts down" can be adjusted for special applications.
    • Return Delay
      Allows multiple APC Smart-UPS on the same power grid or circuit to stagger/sequence their return from shutdown once the utility line returns
    • Output voltage
      For 230V models only. On battery output voltage may be adjusted between 225 and 240 volts to match local voltage
  • SmartSlot internal accessory option slot lets you customize with APC UPS accessories *
    Smart-UPS are equipped with a built-in accessory card slot. This SmartSlot allows you to install one of a variety of accessory cards that are available to customize and enhance the management of your APC Smart-UPS
  • FastCharge cuts battery recharge time by 75%*
    An enhanced charger recharges APC Smart-UPS' batteries so they are ready to handle the next power event long before other UPSs are fully functional. Compare Smart-UPS recharge time of 1 to 2 hours to the typical recharge times of 8 to 16 hours.
  • Battery Replacement Warning prevents downtime
    Smart-UPS are programmed at the factory to perform a self test every two weeks. This insures that you will be alerted to degraded batteries before hey wear out. Through optional PowerChute software or a simple push of a button, you may perform a self-test as often as desired.
  • Informative LED*
    Display provides status at a glance You can instantly assess the status of your power and the Smart-UPS without even pushing a button. Bar meters and status indicators are simple to use and easy to understand. Visual and audible alarms alert you to fault conditions. A Site-Wiring Fault Indicator alerts you to potential building wiring problems such as missing ground or reverse polarity.
  • Sine Wave Output suits the most sensitive loads*
    Smart-UPS' sine wave output provides an assurance of compatibility with all loads.
  • Supports APC monitoring accessories*
    Share-UPS, Measure-UPS, Call-UPS II, UPS Interface Expander and PowerNet SNMP Adapter

    * - Features not available with AP400NET, SU420NET, or SU620NET

For your special pricing contact a Bomara representative at 1-800-526-6272

Smart-UPS Model APC part number Applications Capacity Typical Runtime half/full load (min.) List Price
Smart-UPS 400* AP400NET 386, 486 and Pentium desktop systems and servers, Macintosh 400/250 22/5 $399
Smart-UPS 420* SU420NET Small business, departmental, and desktop servers 420/260 10/40 $299.99
Smart-UPS 620* SU620NET Small business, departmental, and desktop servers 620/390 14/5 $349.99
Smart-UPS 700 SU700NET servers and UNIX systems 700/450 17/5.1 $399.99
Smart-UPS 1000 SU1000NET tower servers and UNIX systems 1000/670 18/6.3 $569.99
Smart-UPS 1400 SU1400NET servers, UNIX systems, and multiple servers 1400/950 21/7.4 $729
Smart-UPS 2200 SU2200NET multiple servers, minicomputers and UNIX systems 2200/1600 24/9.2 $1089
Smart-UPS 3000NET SU3000NET multiple servers, minicomputers, phone systems, and UNIX systems 3000/2250 15/5.9 $1739
* Not all features available on this model

For your special pricing contact a Bomara representative at 1-800-526-6272


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