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Includes PowerChute plus software for advanced UPS power management and diagnostics and APC's PowerNet SNMP Agent

APC Smart-UPS ship with APC's PowerChute plus UPS power management and diagnostic software to provide network administrators with useful UPS information and great flexibility in configuring UPS reaction to power events. By tailoring each UPS to the network environment you can significantly enhance network performance and reliability. Use your APC Smart-UPS in conjunction with PowerChute plus for maximum, custom protection. In addition to extensive unattended system shutdown, you'll get UPS testing/status, Remote UPS management and Environmental/power monitoring. Smart-UPS includes PowerChute plus support for Novell Netware, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.x and Windows for Workgroups.

APC's PowerNet SNMP Agent, included with PowerChute plus permits you to monitor and control the APC UPS's protecting servers along your entire network data path. Smart-UPS includes PowerNet SNMP Agent for Windows NT and Novell Netware.

Smart-UPS features...


For your special pricing contact a Bomara representative at 1-800-526-6272

Smart-UPS Model APC part number Applications Capacity Typical Runtime half/full load (min.) List Price
Smart-UPS 400* AP400NET 386, 486 and Pentium desktop systems and servers, Macintosh 400/250 22/5 $399
Smart-UPS 420* SU420NET Small business, departmental, and desktop servers 420/260 10/40 $299.99
Smart-UPS 620* SU620NET Small business, departmental, and desktop servers 620/390 14/5 $349.99
Smart-UPS 700 SU700NET servers and UNIX systems 700/450 17/5.1 $399.99
Smart-UPS 1000 SU1000NET tower servers and UNIX systems 1000/670 18/6.3 $569.99
Smart-UPS 1400 SU1400NET servers, UNIX systems, and multiple servers 1400/950 21/7.4 $729
Smart-UPS 2200 SU2200NET multiple servers, minicomputers and UNIX systems 2200/1600 24/9.2 $1089
Smart-UPS 3000NET SU3000NET multiple servers, minicomputers, phone systems, and UNIX systems 3000/2250 15/5.9 $1739
* Not all features available on this model

For your special pricing contact a Bomara representative at 1-800-526-6272


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