APC Web/SNMP Management Card

UPS network interface card for network administrators that provides standards-based management of UPSs in rack, computer room, and data center environments.

See also the AP9617 and AP9618

APC Web/SNMP Management Card is the only web based UPS Management product to provide full management of UPSs via multiple open standards like Telnet, HTTP, and SNMP. It is a full-featured, robust power management product that is certified for and tightly integrated with Enterprise Management products. Through the Web/SNMP Management Card, you can monitor and configure your APC UPSs to shut down and reboot your computer systems.

General Information

Current Version
APC Web/SNMP Management Card v3.0.1 10BaseT Ethernet
   APC Smart-UPS and Matrix-UPS Application Firmware module v3.0.1
   APC Symmetra Power Array Application Firmware module v3.0.1
   APC Silcon Series Application Firmware module v3.0.1

APC SNMP Management Card v 3.0.2 Token Ring (no web support)
Hardware Requirements
UPS Model APC Smart-UPS, Matrix-UPS, Symmetra Power Array, and Silcon Series
Communications Type RS-232 via APC UPSs SmartSlot
Software Requirements
Client software Standard Web browser like MS IIS & NetScape Navigator v.3.0 & 4.x or SNMP based Management Platform with APC PowerNet or Telnet console software
Standard distribution channels AP9606, Web/SNMP Management Card for 10 BaseT Ethernet
AP9603, SNMP Management Card for Token Ring (no web support)

Features & Benefits

User Interface
APC Web/SNMP Management Card
(10 BaseT Ethernet only)
Full-featured UPS management via a Web Browser
SNMP-based Management Comprehensive power management from all major Network Management Systems via PowerNet. See Management Platform Integration for more information.
Telnet Full-featured UPS management via a Telnet Console
UPS Administration
BOOTP Enabled Card ships BOOTP enabled so that a BOOTP server assigns an IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway to card
Configuration utility (10 BaseT Ethernet only) Cards ship with configuration utility that allows administrator to save standard configuration file. This file can then be downloaded over the network to mass configure hundreds of Web/SNMP Cards
Security (10 BaseT Ethernet only) User name and password in basic mode Enhanced mode employs advanced authentication scheme using MD5 Algorithm
Task Scheduling Schedule periodic UPS self-tests
UPS Operating Parameters Full control over UPS transfer settings and sensitivity to power fluctuations.
UPS Audible Alarm Configure UPS alarm to beep on power failure, power failure + 30 seconds, at low battery condition, or never beep
Predictive failure analysis The UPS conducts regular internal self-tests. When a potential problem is detected, like the need for a replacement battery, a notification is sent to the relevant administrators and users before the problem arises. This allows an administrator to be proactive in maintenance.
UPS Self-test Initiate self test of local or remote UPS to maximize UPS uptime
UPS Runtime Calibration Initiate runtime calibration of remote UPS to maintain accurate runtime values.
SNMP trap based events logged in NMS event console Records power events with a description to enable diagnosis of UPS/power problems.
Event Handling
Email The Web/SNMP Management Card supports Email capability for all UPS application firmware modules (sumx301.bin, sy301.bin, and dp3e301.bin.) Provides Administrator with event notification to Email capable devices.
Event Log The Web/SNMP Management Card supports on-board Event Logging capability for all UPS application firmware modules (sumx202.bin, sy202.bin, and dp3e202.bin.) This allows you to record and view power and system events without using PowerChute software. The last 300 events will be displayed using Web, Telnet, and FTP interfaces.
Severity based action configuration Allows an Administrator to configure (based upon severity) which events will send notifications to which Email/Trap recipients.
Over 70 SNMP traps based events reported For each of the 70+ power and environmental events, the Administrator can configure the NMS to e-mail, page, or take other necessary actions.
Operating System Shutdown Gracefully shutdown operating system (requires PowerChute plus on server)
Multi-server Shutdown Via network. See PowerChute network shutdown for more information.
Administrative Shutdown Immediate, graceful shutdown/restart of servers
Shutdown Parameters Set and modify the shutdown parameters to best suit the needs of the server being protected. Required operating system shutdown time.
Power Return Parameters Enable automatic server reboot on return of AC Power. Ensure batteries are sufficiently charged before returning power to the server to guard against successive power outages.
Turn off UPS Shuts off power to connected equipment. Excellent for situations where construction or maintenance is scheduled in a facility
Recommended Applications
Any server or networking equipment protected by APC UPSs especially mission critical systems. Data center environments also benefit.

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