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Active Voltage Regulation
FERRUPS has unprecedented ability to work with all types of input sources and loads. Plus, its Active Voltage Regulation converts power from almost any AC source into computer-grade power.

Longer Runtime
FERRUPS provides regulated output voltage without drawing power from the batteries for input voltages as low as 38-percent below nominal (based on size of load). This keeps the batteries fully charged for unexpected blackouts.

Eliminates Harmonics
FERRUPS stops harmful harmonic currents generated by widely used switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) from entering a building’s wiring, where they could disrupt computer operations.

Computer Load Compatibility
FERRUPS can meet the demands of today’s computer loads, including power-factor corrected, switch-mode, and linear power supplies.



Enhanced Communications with Free Software
Every FERRUPS unit comes bundled with free CheckUPS II Suite power management software and connecting cable. CheckUPS II helps users monitor, diagnose, and react more effectively topower-line events, and provides automatic, unattended shutdown when needed. The CD-ROM-based software supports most major operating systems. A BestLink™ SNMP/WEB Adapter can be connected for remote network operations.

Unsurpassed Diagnostics
FERRUPS initiates automatic startup and performs scheduled tests on the logic board, battery, inverter, and other critical systems.

Comprehensive Warranty
FERRUPS is covered by our two-year limited warranty against factory or workmanship defects. We up the ante with our “Double Lifetime” limited warranty* that repairs or replaces your FERRUPS if damaged by lightning, and covers up to US$25,000 for damage to connected equipment. Call the factory for details on these limited warranties.

*U.S. and Canada only.



FERRUPS® Rack mount 60Hz

FERRUPS® Rack mount 50Hz

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50Hz Price List
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