UNITY/I Single-Phase

Uninterruptible Power Systems

3kVA/kW to 8kVA/kW
World-ready, flexible power protection for midrange and client/server computing.

This product is now made by Accratech, click here to visit our Accratech page

Unity UPS equals Unity Power Factor!

Smart and Cost-Efficient Operation
With one of power protection’s most advanced microprocessors in charge, UNITY/I Single-Phase systems need only 4 percent of incoming power to protect critical systems and valuable data. This 96% efficiency minimizes system temperature, stress on components, and daily cost-to-operate. Credit the microprocessor for a very small parts count and fewer potential fault or failure points.

High Fault-Tolerance
UNITY/I Single-Phase safeguards include a dual power track configuration: if one power path develops a fault, the second takes over to keep UPS protection on-line. Also, an internal bypass switch ensures your equipment continues to receive power in the unlikely event of UPS failure.

Excellent Power Conditioning
UNITY/I Single-Phase is a universal system: it automatically selects frequency (50 or 60 Hz) and allows you to select operating voltages to meet requirements throughout the world.




Sophisticated Self-Monitoring
UNITY/I Single-Phase systems monitor and report 18 separate alarm conditions. The exclusive PhonTek feature permits a direct system-to-factory communication linkup for remote, expert diagnostics. Every UNITY/I Single-Phase unit comes bundled with free CheckUPS II Suite power management and shutdown software and connecting cable. This software CD-ROM contains on-line documentation and support for most major operating systems. A Best Power™ SNMP Adapter can be connected for remote network operations.

Compact and Quiet
UNITY/I Single-Phase has the sleek look, small footprint, and whisper-quiet operation that fits in any office environment. In fact, UNITY/I Single-Phase is more than twice as quiet (40 decibels at 1 meter) as other UPS models on the market.

Unsurpassed Warranty
UNITY/I Single-Phase is covered by our two-year limited warranty against factory or workmanship defects. We up the ante with our limited “Double Lifetime” warranty* that repairs or replaces your UNITY/I Single-Phase if damaged by lightning, and covers up to US$25,000 for damage to connected equipment. Call the factory for details on these limited warranties.

*U.S. and Canada only.



Unity/I® Single-Phase

Unity/I® Single-Phase
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