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Superior Design
Typical three-phase UPSs are constantly converting power twice – AC to DC, then DC to AC. Their two power modules run continuously, consuming large amounts of energy. Patented UNITY/I Three-Phase systems employ only one power module and perform only a single power conversion. This single-conversion design generates less heat, consumes less energy, and costs much less to operate.

Up to 97% Efficient
UNITY/I Three-Phase systems are so efficient that they can pay for themselves within a few years. They use as little as three percent of incoming power (rather than the 10 or 15% of double-conversion designs). This big edge in efficiency can mean thousands of dollars saved each year.




Performance That Excels
Whenever power fails, reliable UNITY/I Three-Phase protection prevents interruptions or changes in the steady sine-wave power your equipment receives. Unlike a double-conversion system, a UNITY/I Three-Phase system draws a clean sinusoidal current. With no rectifier to produce harmful input current distortion, this system requires no costly filtering. Connected generators are not required to be three to five times oversized.

UNITY/I Three-Phase systems offer an ideal solution across a wide spectrum of applications. The systems are kW-rated and therefore can protect power-factor corrected, kW-rated equipment without oversizing. UPSs that are kVA-rated must be derated for kW-rated applications. UNITY/I Three-Phase supports and protects many kinds of loads, including 100% unbalanced loads, high-crest factor computers, and large industrial motors.

Easy System Expansion
UNITY/I Three-Phase units can be easily connected in parallel. This makes enlarging capacity or adding redundancy much simpler and more economical than with most other UPSs. Loads as large as 1980kW can be protected by connecting up to nine units.



Unity/I® Three-Phase

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