Q: First of all, what is KVM?
A: KVM stands for keyboard, video and mouse. The most powerful way to connect to any computer is directly to the keyboard, video and mouse ports. This connection requires no special software or hardware modifications to the target computer, works with any type of machine and provides the highest level of control.

Q: How simple is installation?
A: Installation is easy. After you connect the DS1800 appliance to an Ethernet connection, simply install DSAuthentication, DSAdmin and DSView Service software.
- DSAuthentication is a WindowsNT service used to prevent unauthorized access to the DS1800 system.
- DSAdmin is used to configure and maintain the system. It also lets you describe the configuration of computers and switches attached to the DS1800.
DSView provides a simple user interface for accessing servers. This GUI interface shows the operators a list of computers to which they have permission to connect. Clicking on one of those computers establishes a connection between DSView and the appropriate port on a DS1800.

Q: Can I access the servers if the network is down?
A: Yes. The DS1800 can be configured on a separate network so that you can access and control your servers, even if the primary network is down.

Q: Does the DS1800 have real-time performance?
A: For typical usage, performance will be at or near real-time. Screen refreshes occur in less than half a second.

Q: How many users does the DS1800 support?
A: There is virtually no limit to the number of users the DS1800 can support. The DS1800 can support 8 concurrent users. Each additional DS1800 unit can also support 8 concurrent users. The number of concurrent users is only limited by total bandwidth available.

Q: Can you hot plug servers?
A: Yes. You can add and remove servers without powering down your DS1800 and other attached servers.

Q: Does the DS1800 support multiple servers on the same client? If so, how many?
A: Yes. The DS1800 can support multiple servers on the same client monitor. You are only limited by the amount of information that a single network connection and PC can process and display.

Q: What is a typical cost per port?
A: When configured with eight of Avocent's AutoView 424 24-port KVM switches, operators have access to 192 computers for a cost of only a few hundred dollars for computer. The DS1800 unit is $10,000 and site licenses range from $2,500.

Q: How can I get more information on this revolutionary KVM over IP technology?
A: Order your free DS1800 Information Kit, which includes a white paper and CD explaining:
What to look for in server access solutions
Why analog switching solutions are not enough for today's server management issues
Why DS1800 is the ideal solution for tomorrow's server management

Get your kit today. Call 1-866-AVOCENT or log onto www.avocent.com/DS1800KIT

Q: Who needs DS1800 KVM over IP technology?
A: Anyone who needs to control hundreds of thousands of racks of servers can benefit from the power of DS1800 technology. Avocent has combined the power of the Internet with KVM connectivity to give you access to any server in your network.

Q: What is DS1800 and how can it help me manage my servers?
A: DS1800 is the first "KVM over IP" solution for server management. DS1800 breaks new ground in network access and management by providing secure connections to an unlimited number of servers. It sends digitized packets of information across TCP/IP connections to provide 24x7 local or remote access to servers throughout the enterprise, even if the primary data network is down.

Q: What types of servers can be attached to the DS1800?
A: The DS1800 supports PCs running Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98, DOS or Windows NT/2000. Sun systems and USB computers also are supported.

Q: Do I need to install any software or drivers on any of the target computers?
A: No software is required on the target servers; DS1800 is a hardware solution designed to integrate into your existing network infrastructure.

Q: I'm running software applications for server access today. Why do I need DS1800?
A: Software applications such as PCAnywhere or NetMeeting can be used to see and control the desktop of a remote computer, but they have limitations, which include:
- not enabling the user to access the computer when the machine is still at the "Shell" or BIOS level.
- requires special software to be run on each computer being accessed, which may interfere with other programs
- not working between different computer types and operating systems

Q: If my primary network is down, can I still access the machine?
A: With DS1800, you can easily reboot the server from any location and view the CMOS level settings while it reboots.

Q: How does DS1800 technology work?
A: Because DS1800 leverages industry standard LAN equipment,, complex wired configurations are no longer necessary. DS1800 converts analog KVM signals in real time to digital form and then transports them using standard Ethernet protocols. The data is then fed into compression engines which compare the information already transmitted to the operator with the new information from the server. Once those changes are analyzed, they are sent to a high-powered processor which packs the information and transmits it via the Internet to the operator. This user can now view the computer video through a PC-based program called DSView.

Q: What about security?
A: It is a necessity that a system with the power to control the KVM signals of an attached computer be highly secure. The DS1800 employs a system that relies on an Authentication Service to determine user access rights to computers. The Authentication Service also establishes the communications between DSView and any DS1800. An administrator describes the topology using an application called DSAdmin. Once this is described, the administrator establishes which computers a user or group of users can manipulate. These user names and groups are derived directly from the Windows NT administration tools, eliminating the need for redundant management systems.

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