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Add up to Seven Keyboards, Monitors and Mice to your PC as Far as 600 feet Away! 

  • Supports up to 1280 x 1024 non-interlaced resolution
  • Supports IBM PC/AT, PS/2 or 100% compatibles; serial or PS/2 mouse
  • Combine monochrome and color VGA/SVGA/XGA monitors
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Expand the Reach of your Computer System
Now you can add as many as seven additional keyboards, monitors and mice to your computer! Each peripheral workstation can be placed as far as 600 feet away from your CPU. Keep your valuable system unit in a clean, safe environment and still provide access to those who need it wherever they need it most!

Customize for Your System Requirements

Option switches allow you to customize PC-Expander Plus to fit your needs. Activate only the local keyboard and mouse for privacy, or allow all workstations data entry capabilities. Configure video for display at the active workstation only or allow video display at all workstations for constant monitoring. You can even configure PC-Expander Plus without a local keyboard, monitor and mouse, if needed.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use
Installation is simple, taking just a few minutes to complete. Since only one keyboard is active at a time, no special software or network is needed. Once you're up and running, keyboard switching between workstations is seamless and automatic. You determine how long a keyboard is inactive before another workstation can take control - from .25 to 8 seconds.

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A PC-Expander Plus system consists of a transmitter located at the computer, a receiver for each remote workstation, and extension cables that link each receiver to the transmitter. An input cable connects the transmitter to your computer. All transformers necessary to power the system are included.

PC-Expander Plus is available in 4 and 8-port models. A 4-port model supports up to three remote workstations; an 8-port supports seven. The 8-port model includes a rear panel connector for individual control of each attached keyboard, monitor and mouse through a user supplied switch network. Monochrome or color VGA monitors can be used at all locations in any combination.

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