This is a discontinued unit, but we have refurbished units in stock

The Most Advanced and Versatile Multiuser Multi-Platform KVM Switching System for Contemporary Server Room Management. Save Space, Enhance Control and Improve the Manageability of Your Data Center with the XP4040.

The XP4040 is the cornerstone of the XP4000 Series matrix switching system for large data center management.

With the integrated multi-platform and multi-user capabilities of the XP4040, network managers and their assistants can efficiently maintain even the most complex configurations from multiple points of control. Click here to view a 128x1120 configuration demonstrating how 128 system users can have simultaneous, independent access to any of the 1120 attached servers. This is called a "non-blocking" configuration and is a key element of XP4000 Series control.
The modular design of the XP4040 allows system administrators the freedom of running the system from their server room, computer lab or directly from their office desktops. Plus, hot-swappable components simplify system expansion and maintenance.



The XP4040 allows multiple users to control and operate different computers at the same time. System users can access any attached computer completely independent of the other users. Click here for a data center configuration.

The XP4040 simultaneously supports any combination of PC, Macintosh, Sun, RS/6000, Silicon Graphics, DEC Alpha and Hewlett Packard computers. Use any platform's keyboard, monitor and mouse to access any computer in the system, and switch seamlessly across platforms.

Since the XP4040 is modular, you buy only what you need now and add components as your system grows. Need more than 4 simultaneous users? Add a second XP4040 unit with additional user modules. Adding another rack of servers? Just add computer cards. In fact, by connecting multiple XP4040 units together you can have hundreds of users operating hundreds of computers within one XP4040 system.


Cybex expansion cables let you locate your computers and users wherever you need them most. Your computers don't all have to be in the same place, and you don't have to be in the same room to control them. Linked XP4040 units can be up to 250 feet apart for maximum flexibility in your configuration. Users can be as far as 500 feet away from an attached computer and still have control.
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