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200X Two-Port Mixed-Media Ethernet Repeaters

Magnum 200X Two-Port Repeaters

This product is now discontinued, for any additional support or replacements please Contact Bomara or visit our Converter Switch Family Page


Magnum Two-Port Repeaters expand Ethernet networks when media distance limits are exceeded, or when different media types must be interconnected. All standard Ethernet media types and media type combinations are supported. The internal power supply of the 200X is auto-ranging. Supports virtually any media type.


  • Extends network distances beyond standard limits while maintaining network performance
  • Supports all standard Ethernet media types, including Fiber, with repeater units for both mixed-media and homogenous segments
  • The Fiber module supports both the new 2.0 km 10BASE-FL and the 1.0 km FOIRL specifications; all modules have diagnostic status LEDs next to the port connectors
  • Ensures data integrity through comprehensive signal quality maintenance, including automatic partitioning and reconnection
  • Complies with Ethernet V1.0/2.0 standards; IEEE 802.3 with full repeater functionality
  • Durable metal enclosure, internal auto-ranging power supply
200X-AF Two-port repeater, AUI & Fiber-ST*, internal power supply
200X-TF Two-port repeater, Twisted Pair & Fiber-ST**, internal power supply
200X-BF Two-port repeater, BNC & Fiber-ST*, internal power supply
200X-FF Two-port repeater, two Fiber-ST* ports, internal power supply
200X-ASF AUI and Single-mode Fiber-ST Repeater, 1 AUI port & 1 SMF port.
200X-FSF Multi-mode* to Single-mode Fiber Repeater, 1 FST port & 1 SMF port.
200X-BB Two-port repeater, two RPM-BNC ports, internal power supply
200X-AA Two-port repeater, two RPM-AUI ports, internal power supply
200X-AT Two-port repeater, AUI & Twisted Pair, internal power supply
NOTE See Special DC Power Items, for Magnum 200X's with a 24VDC power supply.
200X-RMB Rack mount kit (two brackets) for one 200X Repeater (or 1008 hub)


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