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Magnum 3000X Stackable Mixed-Media Concentrator

3000X Concentrator

This product is now discontinued, for any additional support or replacements please Contact Bomara or visit our Converter Switch Family Page


The Magnum 3000X Mixed-Media Concentrators have 12 slots plus a bonus slot, each supporting a configurable port module. 3000X Concentrators can be used stand-alone or incorporated into stacks with managed or unmanaged Magnum 3000 Hubs. The 12 front port modules permit any combination of media using Repeater Port Modules (RPMs) or Bridge Port Modules (BPMs). The inter-repeater bus in the rear efficiently connects Magnum 3000 hubs and concentrator stacks.


  • Mixed-media 10Mb Repeater for legacy network flexibility and industrial applications
  • Twelve-slot chassis allows interconnection of Ethernet network environments with a variety of 10Mb media types
  • Each port is individually configurable using Magnum Repeater Port Modules (RPMs). The family of RPMs include:
  • Fiber, ST-type, multi-mode
  • Fiber, ST-type, single-mode
  • RJ-45 for twisted pair cabling
  • BNC with termination switch
  • AUI female
  • DTE (AUI male)
  • Stacks with Magnum 3000 Series Hubs
  • 12-slot 3000X mixed-media concentrators for support of all Ethernet standards
  • Repeater Port Modules (RPMs) provide media connections for BNC, Fiber (two types), Twisted Pair, AUI, and DTE; one port per slot, any combination
  • Optional SNMP agent as separate box unit or embedded board module
  • Optional -48VDC Power Supply for installations where battery power is the primary source
  • Optional local bridges enhance performance by localizing traffic on selected segments
  • Operating Environment: 
    Ambient Temperature: 32° to120°F (0° to 48.9°C)
    Storage: -5° to 140°F (-20.5°C to 60°C)
    Ambient Relative Humidity: 10%-95% (non-condensing)
3000X Stackable Mixed-Media Concentrator chassis, SNMP capable.  Provides 12 front-mounted Port Module slots in a stand-alone or rack-mount package with an internal universal power supply.  Any mix of RPM's and up to 3 BPMs may be configured for factory installation in the front slots.  Also provides one rear-mounted RPM slot for a backbone connection.  Includes IRB which supports stacked configurations with up to 19 other Magnum 3000-series units, mgt optional
3000X-48V 3000X Concentrator, 10Mb, configurable with RPMs, see Standard Products for Details. RFQ item.


Magnum 3000X Stackable Mixed-Media Concentrator

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