Carrier Class and -48VDC Ethernet

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Carrier Class refers to products that are rugged, very reliable, have low EMI noise, and have been successfully tested to Telecom industry standards such as NEBS and ETSI. These products are suitable for the demanding applications in the Internet infrastructure and in Telecom facilities such as Central Offices, POPs, and network management centers. The managed fiber switches can provide spanning tree redundant operations for mission critical networks.

The Magnum product line includes NEBS Certified as well as ETSI Certified Ethernet products. Many of the Magnum products have -48VDC power input, dual-source, fiber built-in, and reverse rack mount options. Click on the buttons below to view a summary of the Carrier Class and -48VDC Magnum products and their features.   

-48VDC Carrier Class Products Chart

ES42 Edge Switch Six switch ports, one or two of which may be 100Mb fiber, others are 10/100 copper
Converter Switch Family

Fiber Media Converter & Ethernet Switch combined in one unit. Products make edge-of-the-network connectivity for industrial devices (PLCs, IEDs, sensors, plant computers) easier, more reliable, and less expensive. CS14, CSN14, S14, PS14P.

6K8 Managed Field Switch Industrial Ethernet Field Switch for heavy duty applications. All port types, including 100 Mb, 10 Mb, Gigabit, fiber and copper; up to 8 ports
6K16 Managed Switch

Managed Ethernet Switch with mixed media port types and can fit two 6K16s side-by-side fit in a 19"inch rack         

6K16V Managed Fiber Switch 6K16V Managed Fiber Ethernet Switches provide flexibility of fiber and copper ports, 10Mb 100Mb and Gigabit speed ports. Can be wall mounted.
6K25 Managed Fiber Switch Provides modular slots for user selection of 100Mb and 10Mb fiber ports, Gigabit fiber ports, and 10/100 copper ports, up to 25 total ports in a 1U package
6K32 "High Density" Managed Switch
P62F Hardened Switch Provides six 10/100Mb switched RJ-45 ports and two 100Mb fiber switch ports for "daisy-chain" applications
4K8 Switch Provides eight 10/100Mb auto-negotiating RJ-45 switched ports plus a ninth switched port configurable for Fiber-built-in flexibility
4K16 Switch 16 Switched Ethernet ports up to two of which may be 100Mb Fiber Built-In
4K24 Switch A 1U rack-mount package, regular or "reverse" style, with 24 switched ports
4K220 Switch "Rack-Space Saver" Switch has 99.999% up-time, high availability, redundant, NEBS Level 3 compliant Rack Mount distinction
3000 Series Hubs 3000 Series Stackable Hubs, NEBS Level 3 Certified
DS880 Dual-Speed Hubs NEBS Certified (with -48VDC power supply), provides eight RJ-45 ports per hub, each port speed-sensing for 10Mb or 100Mb
DS8016 16-port Hubs Provides sixteen RJ-45 ports per hub, each port speed-sensing for 10Mb and 100Mb
DS50/DS60 Personal Hubs Internal Power Supply (AC, -48VDC, 24VDC), provides five 10/100Mb hub ports, plus a 10 or 100 switched port on DS60s for connection to another Ethernet domain
Magnum Blade cPCI Blade is Ethernet hub on a card: cPCI/VME interface

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