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GarrettCom Product Selector

GarrettCom Product Selector Guide for both copper and fiber Ethernet switches, routers, including harsh environment and outdoor Ethernet.

Ethernet Switches Family (12KX, 10KG, 10KT, 6K, ES42, PES42, IPS42, S14)

Rugged Industrial managed Ethernet Switches both fiber & copper 10/100 and Gigabit speeds & POE, NEBS Compliant or Certified, AC & DC voltages for Indoor & Outdoor use. Also, includes Layer 2 & 3 switches.

Media Converters (CSG14, CSG14U, CS14, CSN14)

Harsh environment 10/100, Gigabit Converter switches for fiber to copper industrial network edge conversion with DIN RAIL and PoE, AC & DC voltages, NEBS compliant.

Router Series (5RX, 10RX, 10XTS, DX Series, DynaStar)

Serves as both an IP router & firewall; Configurable WAN ports, Ethernet ports & serial ports; Advanced cyber security capabilities, with stateful IP firewall & NAT/PAT, IPsec and VPN support.

Terminal Servers (10XTS, DX1000-TS, 10ETS)

Terminal Server network-enables serial devices and remote console ports in power utility substations, transportation systems & other rugged environments. SCADA, remote device access, physical surveillance, metering and other applications using serial protocols can be integrated with IP/Ethernet networks.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) (12KX, 6K Family, PS14P, ES Family)

PoE works w/o modification to the existing Ethernet copper cabling. Power over Ethernet is standardized in IEEE 802.3af-compliant -48 volts DC to devices at a maximum current of 350 mA. This allows devices to draw up to 15.4 watts.

DYMEC products for Utilities & Power Substations

Hardened fiber and copper Ethernet products for tough environment, power line communications, and +125VDC requirements, meeting the IEEE 1613 and IEC61850-3 specifications.


Magnum™ Managed Networks Software for the 6k family, 10k family, DX family, managed routers and switches including S-Ring, Redundant Ethernet, Spanning Tree.

Products by Voltage


The Magnum line includes an extensive range of Ethernet and Fast Ethernet products that may be configured with an internal or external DC power supply. Some models include dual-power supplies. Designed for the Telco and the CLEC market. We also have products for the Power Over Ethernet (PoE) applications.
GarrettCom -48VDC Products


Magnum products that can be configured for 24V DC power input. Designed for outdoor cell tower applications.


Magnum products can be configured with 125V DC power input, meeting the IEEE 1613 and IEC61850-3 specifications. Designed for the utility and smart-grid substationed requirements.

Industrial Grade Ethernet Switches
Designed for heavy duty factory floor automations, such as process control, power plants, HVAC, mining, and medical systems. Extended temperature range, rugged metal cases, noise-immune built-in fiber media, and special power sources. Can be used outdoors.

Ethernet Outdoors

Copper and fiber Ethernet switches for wide temperature range uncontrolled environments.
Industrial Grade Ethernet Products

Factory Floor & Plantwide LANs

DIN-Rail, factory automation, production control, PLCs, and process control equipment that require Ethernet fiber and copper connectivity. Extended temperature range Ethernet.
Industrial Grade Ethernet Products

Utilities & Power Substations

Hardened fiber and copper Ethernet products for tough environment, power line communications, and +125VDC requirements, meeting the IEEE 1613 and IEC61850-3 specifications.

Oil, Gas, and Petrochemicals

The Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry requires heavy-duty industrial networking products.  A selection of Class I Div II products with conformal coating is available.  Conformal coating protects against corrosive gases in hazardous locations.

Carrier Class Products

Carrier Class Products that are rugged, reliable, have low EMI noise, tested to Telecom industry standards such as NEBS and ETSI. These products are suitable for the demanding applications in the Internet infrastructure and in Telecom facilities such as Central Offices, POPs, and network management centers.

What is the IP Rating of a product, and what does it mean? - Whitepaper

The IP Code or International Protection Rating, consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. As defined in international standard IEC 60529, it classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects.


Legacy Products:

Industrial Hubs

Simple copper and fiber Ethernet Hubs both AC & DC.

Mixed Media

Older Mixed media and concentrators

Traffic Control

New generation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for outdoor auto traffic control applications.

Discontinued Products

These product are now discontinued, for any additional support or replacements please Contact Bomara


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