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RS-232 Single-Channel Links Dymec

Provides Serial Over Fiber Connectivity
  • Single Channel RS232 or TTL Logic Levels
  • Powered from Station Battery Bus to C37.90 or 12 Vdc
  • Operates reliably at temperatures of -40°C to 85°C with no fans.
  • Class 1, Div 2 certified for use in hazardous environments
  • Extended distances of 6 km over Multimode fiber and 30 km over Single-mode fiber.
  • Multiple Mounting choices with built-in mounting brackets and optional mounting shelf
  • Packaged in rugged, industrial-quality Galvaneal and powder coated shells
  • 4 Diagnostic LEDs for easier debug of installation
  • Conformal coated PC Boards
  • Compatible with all earlier 5843/5844 versions of Dymec Link/Repeaters
  • 5-year warranty

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Part Number Description
RS-232 Single-Channel Links Dymec models
Model 5843
5843HRT Dymec RS-232 / FO Link/Repeater - MM 12 Vdc Power
5843SHRT Dymec RS-232 / FO Link/Repeater - SM 12 Vdc Power (Discontinued - Contact Bomara)
Model 5844
5844HRT-H Dymec RS-232 / FO Link/Repeater - MM 90-250 Vac/Vdc Power
5844HRT-L Dymec RS-232 / FO Link/Repeater - MM 24-48 Vdc Power
5844SHRT-H Dymec RS-232 / FO Link/Repeater - SM 90-250 Vac/Vdc Power (Discontinued - Contact Bomara)
5844SHRT-L Dymec RS-232 / FO Link/Repeater - SM 24-48 Vdc Power (Discontinued - Contact Bomara)
ACC-LCS Link Cantilever Mounting Bracket
ACC-CBL1 DB9 Male/Tinned Lead 10 Foot Cable/Pigtail

  Dymec models 5843 and 5844 are hardened fiber optic Link/Repeaters that convert RS232 or TTL level copper to amplitude based fiber output. 5843 and 5844 Link/Repeaters support data rates from dc to 250kbps, DCE or DTE port configuration and a diagnostic/test mode that allows testing of the copper and fiber connections before the connected IED is active in the network.
  Dymec Links media converters are Class 1, Div 2 certified for use in hazardous locations in the US and Canada. The Class 1, Div 2 certification mark allows use of Dymec Links in ignitable environments requiring spark-free operation. This is a requirement for many customers, particularly those in petroleum and petrochemical applications, where hazardous ignitable environments abound.
  By simply setting a few switches, the DYMEC 5843 and 5844 Link/Repeaters can be configured for point-to-point, star, optical bus, or loop networks, and permit quick, easy connection of devices. For example, an extensive multi-drop network -- where two or more intelligent electrical devices are connected and communicating -- can be constructed simply by connecting the devices through Link/Repeaters.
  5843 and 5844 Link/Repeaters may optically connect devices of different formats, eliminating the need for format converters. For example, an RS232 IED may be connected to a model 5844 which is optically connected to a model 5846, which, in turn, can communicate electrically to its IED electrically in EIA 485.

  Dymec model 5845 and 5846 Serial Fiber Links are link/repeaters for EIA 422 and 485 data connections. The 5845/5846 Links provide reliable serial data connectivity over fiber optic facilities in harsh environments where immunity and signal isolation are critical. Optical connectivity provides flexibility, extended distance, operational safety, reduced equipment outages due to electrical surges, and improved signal quality and network performance.
  5845/5846 Links support signal rates from DC to 2 Mbps and operate either full- or half-duplex over single- or multimode fiber. Links are easily field configurable for point-to-point, master/slave, loop, bus or star topologies.
  The 5845/5846 also interoperate with 5843/5844 RS232 Links, the Dymec Network Integration System and Optical Star products to costeffectively create highly scaleable data networks with minimum electrical signal exposure.
  Dymec Links are substation-hardened to IEEE 1613 specifications. They operate in an extended temperature range and optionally take DC power directly from station battery. Flexible mounting options, diagnostic LEDs and integrated optical and electrical signal test features make turning up Link networks simple.
  3340/3350 3440/3450 5843/5844 5845/5846 5941/5942 OS9
Optical Budget Typical
Multi-mode 13.5 dB (min) 9.0 dB (min) 19.5dB 19.5 dB
Single-mode 8.6 dB (min) 8.6 dB (min) 19 dB 18 dB
Output Power Typical
Multi-mode -16 dB -19 dB -10.5 dBm peak -10.5 dBm peak
Single-mode -19.9 dB -19.9 dB -14.5 dBm peak -11.5 dBm peak
Receiver Sensitivity Typical
Multi-mode   -30 dBm peak -30 dBm peak
Single-mode   -33.5 dBm peak -33.5 dBm peak
Multi-mode 850nm 1310nm 850nm (62.5μ/125)
Single-mode 1310nm (9μ/125)
Connector Type ST
Compatible Fiber Type
Multi-mode   50-200μm
Single-mode   9-13μm
Link Pass-Through/ Link Fail DTE/DCE
AC/DC Coupled
Pin 8 Drive Current
Pin 6 +5 Vdc (DSR or
CTS pull up)
Diagnostic Mode
Half/Full Duplex AC/DC Coupled Link/Repeat
Biasing Resistors In/Out Data Inversion Mode Enable Holdover Diagnostic Mode
Channel 3 IRIG-B Output/ Standard
Channel 3 Drive Current
Channel 4 Sync Indicator/
Data Out
Master/Slave or Peer to Peer
Data Rate 10 Mbs 100 Mbs DC to 250kbps DC to 2M bps DC to 64kbps Channel
1, DC to 4kbps Channels
2,3,4 (D1) DC to 64kbps
all 4 channels (D4)
DC to 2M bps
DC to 250kbps
(RS232 Copper Master
Data Transmission Half or Full Duplex Asynchronous, simplex or Full Duplex Asynchronous, simplex
Half or Full Duplex
Asynchronous, simplex or Half Duplex
Transmission Distance
Multi-mode Up to 2000 meters (62.5μ/125 Cable@3dB/km) Up to 5000 meters (62.5μ/125 Cable@3dB/km)
Single-mode Up to 10K meters (9μ/125 Cable@.5dB/km) Up to 30K meters (9μ/125 Cable@.5dB/km)
Bit Rate Error 10-E9 Max.
Point to Point Latency 500 nsec Max 4μS 500 nsec Max 100μS Channels 2,3,4 (D1)
12μS Channels 2,3,4 (D4)
300 nsec Max
Repeat Latency   400 nsec Max  
I/O Data Format 802.3 Ethernet 802.3 Ethernet EIA RS232; CCITT v.24 EIA 422/485 EIA RS232; CCITT v.24  
Data Connector 2 RJ45 2 RJ45 9 pin D-Type Female 9 Pin D-Type Female
Fixed DCE only
Input Impedance   >3000Ohms 750Ohms >3000Ohms >3000Ohms
Input voltage   +/-30 Volts Max +12 to -7 Volts Max referenced to signal common
+/-6 Volts differen- tial Max
+/-30 Volts Max +/-30 Volts Max
Output Impedance   >300Ohms >250 Ohms >300Ohms >300Ohms
Driver Output   +/-5Volts into
50 mA +/-5Volts into
+/-5Volts into
Pin 8 Output   0 to 5V
67 or 207 Ohm Source
Channel 3   n/a 0 to 2.5V @10mA
0 to 3V @ 20mA
Ambient Temperature
Operating Temperature
Multi-mode -40°c to +85°c
Single-mode -40°c to +70°c
Storage Temperature -40°c to +85°c
Power Required
Multi-mode 4.0 Watts 333 mA @ 12Vdc /
5.4 Watts 60 mA @ 90-250V 300 mA @
3.0 Watts 250mA @
12Vdc / 4.0 Watts 35
mA @ 90-250V 250 mA
@ 18-60V
3.0 Watts 250mA @
12Vdc / 6.0 Watts 45
mA @ 90-250V 250
mA @ 18-60V
2.4 Watts 200mA @
12Vdc / 2.4 Watts 35
mA @ 90-250V 170 mA
@ 18-60V
~27.5 Watts
250 mA @ 90-250V
1.25 A @ 18-60V
Single-mode 4.0 Watts 333 mA @ 12Vdc /
5.4 Watts 60 mA @ 90-250V 300 mA @
4.1 Watts 340mA @
12Vdc / 5.5 Watts 50
mA @ 90-250V 340 mA
@ 18-60V
4.0 Watts 340mA @
12Vdc / 8.0 Watts
60mA @ 90-250V
3400mA @ 18-60V
3.0 Watts 250mA @
12Vdc / 3.6 Watts 40
mA @ 90-250V 200 mA
@ 18-60V
Power Dissipation
Multi-mode 13.7 BTU / 18.4 BTU 8.2 BTU/hr /
10.9 BTU/hr
10 BTU/hr /
20 BTU/hr
8.2 BTU/hr /
10.2 BTU/hr
Single-mode 13.7 BTU / 18.4 BTU 10.2 BTU/hr /
12.3 BTU/hr
14 BTU/hr /
27 BTU/hr
10.9 BTU/hr /
12.3 BTU/hr
Physical Parameters
Weight 9 oz. / 17 oz. ~11 lbs
Dimensions (Inches) 2.0W x 5.1L X 1.3H / 4.1W x 5.1L X 1.3H 19W X 9D X 3.5H
Indicators Power Fiber Link Electrical Link Fiber Data Electrical Data Power Transmit Fiber Transmit Electrical Receive Fiber Receive Electrical Power Sync Status Transmit Each Ch Receive Each Ch Power Data Collision Master/Slave Mode Peer to Peer Mode Master Port Transmit Each Port Receive Each Port

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