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ION Secure Solutions for Managed Service Providers

    Today's corporations are outsourcing more than ever. In an effort to reduce costs, provide high quality technical expertise and improve network availability, enterprises are turning to mid and large sized Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to monitor and manage their multi-vendor, heterogeneous and -often- complex network architectures.

    However, these enterprise customers demand significantly more than the same clients of just a few years ago. Top of their list is access control, security and data protection.

    Service Level Agreements (SLAs) were initially designed to ensure network availability and response times, with stiff penalties for network downtime. Today, security considerations are an integral component of an SLA.

    Many enterprise customers fall into a market vertical that requires that they must comply with a government mandate regarding data protection. Financial institutions have the Gramm Leach Bliley Act and the OCC; the healthcare industry has HIPAA; companies doing business in California have Senate Bill 1386 and many other verticals must deal with recommendations relating to the Office of Homeland Security. Failure to comply with these laws can result not only in heavy financial penalties, but also publicly announcing when breaches take place - which could result in brand defamation and loss of end client confidence, directly impacting revenue.

    Responsibility for these networks and the plethora of technical personnel with daily access to hundreds or thousands of network components can be a daunting task. Limiting their access, based on consistent security policies, across this multi-vendor, heterogeneous infrastructure only adds to the complexity.

    ION Secure solutions offer a single, scalable and secure portal providing a consistent and auditable environment for local and remote service providers, vendors, consultants and contractors to access a wide range of multi-vendor infrastructure endpoints.

    Service Providers/MSPs, ask yourself the following, can you:

    Control all access to your clients' infrastructure (regardless of vendor or platform) through
    a single portal?

    Define and enforce consistent security policies across heterogeneous networks?

    Reliably authenticate all accessing administrative/management users without costly
    hardware authentication tokens?

    Allow authorized vendors to install OS patches, confident that they have not accessed your
    client's proprietary data?

    Track the operations performed by a client administrator inadvertently bringing down a
    traffic bearing Gigabit Ethernet switch (the performance and availability of
    which is your responsibility)?

    Restrict the commands a junior administrator sends to a UNIX or LINUX server?

    Receive alerts when unauthorized access is attempted to a specific database server?

    Instantly disconnect and/or disable users in the event of suspicious activity?

    Secretly join administrator sessions for quality purposes?

    Provide fast, secure, one-time access to your client resources for emergency repair by
    a vendor?

    Provide monthly reports to your clients regarding who accessed their applications, for how
    long and when?

    CLICK HERE to contact Bomara Associates and find out how you can leverage these abilities (and more) using re-brandable ION Secure solutions to increase value, client confidence and monthly recurring revenue.

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