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 Martin In-Row Chilled Water Heat Exchange Cooling (HXU):

In-Row Chilled Water Heat Exchange Cooling is the latest addition to the Martin Enclosures In-Row Solution product offering. As with the PDE, the HXU is enclosed in the same extruded style frame design as the Server Enclosures, and the height and depth are always the same. The width is 12" (half a tile width). Chilled water is delivered to each HXU where the heated air from the rear (hot aisle) is drawn thru the coil and exhausted into the front (cold aisle) of the server racks. The heated water is then returned to the remotely located chiller, removing the heat entirely from the room. Complete monitoring and control are provided both locally using a color touchscreen display, and remotely via Ethernet.


Designed as an IN-ROW Integrated Solution to removing Server Generated Heat from a typical Server Room Environment using a Chilled Water Supply


The HXU is configured in the same style and Sized Enclosures as the Martin Server and Equipment Cabinets and related Power Distribution Enclosures (PDE's)


- Nominal 20,000 watt heat removal per HXU

- PLC controls / touch screen interactive display

- Ethernet Remote Interface

- User setable alarms for air temp, humidity, water temp, water flow, moisture

- (7) Individually replaceable exhaust fans, 115VAC

- Fan speed control

- Inlet and outlet air temperature monitoring

- Water flow rate control

- Water flow monitoring

- Inlet and outlet water temp monitoring

- Humidity sensing

- Rear door air filter

- HXU joined to adjacent cabinets via joining

- 1" NPTF coolant fittings provided at rear (Optional top input available)

- Leakproof drip pan and leak detection

- Optional condensate pump


HEAT EXCHANGER 110911_page2_image3 (Front View - Raised floor)



Enclosure HXU Enclosure

A Controlled Supply of Chilled Water is provided to each HXU, passes thru the Heat Exchange Coils where it collects Heat from the Rear (Hot Aisle) and the Rear of the adjacent Server Cabinets, and then exits the Enclosure and back to the Chiller Supply



The Front Mounted Fans Pull the Heated Air from the Rear, thru the Heat Exchanger Coils where it's Cooled and Exhausted at the Front (Cold Aisle) and to the Sides, into the Front of the adjacent Server Cabinets


Upper Rear View Center Rear View Lower Rear View


Power entry


Coolant entry and condensate power entry pump

Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle containment


Cold Aisle Containment


Hot Aisle Containment

Typical thermal model:

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