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For serial to Ethernet connectivity applications, the IOLAN SDS is the most advanced series of products available. Delivering high performance in a compact size, an IOLAN SDS offers extensive security, flexibility and next generation IPv6 technology making it ideal for applications that require remote device/console management, data capture or monitoring.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal, software selectable EIA/RS-232/422/485 interface prevents mechanical tampering in the field
  • RJ45, DB9M, DB25M or DB25F connector options
  • 66Mhz, 87 MIPS processor for the best performance on the market
  • Indicators for network and serial interfaces for easy troubleshooting
  • Plug & Play installation utility eliminates configuration hassles for all IOLAN’s on your IP network
  • Secure AES(256/192/128), 3DES, Blowfish, CAST128, ARCFOUR or ARCTWO data encryption across the LAN via SSH and SSL
  • Advanced user authentication via RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP, Kerberos, NIS and RSA prevent unauthorized access
  • Advanced event management using Port buffering, Syslog, SNMP V3 and email event notification
  • IOLAN SDS M models feature an integrated V.92/V.90 modem and support for PPP dial-in
  • IOLAN SDS P models are 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) compliant
  • IOLAN SDS T models operate in application environments requiring extended ambient operating temperatures of -40C to +74C (-40F to +165F).
  • Advance management capabilities via a Windows Device Manager, HTTP, HTTPS/SSL/TLS, SSH and Telnet
  • Trueport software provides true remote serial ports over an Ethernet LAN
  • ModBus Gateway
  • RFC 2217
  • Software Development Kit available to develop powerful custom applications
  • Power over serial cable eliminates costs of a separate power installation
  • Next Generation IP support ( IPv6 ) for investment protection and network compatibility
  • Routing protocols including PPP, SLIP/CSLIP, CIDR RIPV2, RIPV1
  • 10/100 Ethernet support
  • Compact and protective solid steel enclosure for tabletop, wall mount or DIN rail mounting
  • DIN Rail mounting option for Industrial Automation applications
  • 15 Kv ESD provides protection against electrostatic discharge and power surges
  • Protective solid steel enclosure
  • Lifetime Warranty

Secure Serial to Ethernet Connectivity

The IOLAN SDS enables administrators to securely access remote serial console ports on equipment such as PBX, servers, routers, network storage equipment and security appliances through an IP network. Sensitive data such as credit card holder information is protected through standard encryption tools such as Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

By using encryption technologies, an IOLAN can protect sensitive and confidential data from a serial device such as a credit card reader before being sent across a corporate Intranet or public Internet. For compatibility with peer encryption devices, all of the major encryption ciphers such as AES, 3DES, RC4, RC2 and CAST128 are fully supported.

Advanced IP Technology

With support for Next Generation IP (IPv6) the IOLAN range provides organizations with investment protection to meet this rapidly growing standard. Demand for IPv6, which is compatible with IPv4 addressing schemes, is driven by the need for more IP address. With the implementation and rollout of 3G cellular networks, a robust method is needed to handle the huge influx of new IP addressable devices on the Internet. In fact, the US Department of Defense has mandated that all equipment purchased from 2005 be IPv6 compatible with full implementation by 2008. In addition, all major Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix and Solaris, as well as routers, have built-in support for IPv6.

It is therefore important for end users and integrators to select networking equipment that incorporates the IPv6 standard. The IOLAN line with support for IPv6 already built in, is the best choice in serial to Ethernet technology.

Flexible and Reliable Serial to Ethernet Connections

An IOLAN SDS is ideal for connecting serial based COM port, UDP or TCP socket based applications to remote devices. Perle’s TruePort V5 re-director provides fixed TTY or COM ports to serial based applications enabling communication with remote devices connected to Perle IOLAN’s either in encrypted or clear text modes. You can also tunnel serial data between devices across an IP network.

Perle’s Device Management software provides better centralized control of multiple units resulting in maximum uptime for your remote equipment.

All IOLAN SDS models have added protection against electrostatic discharges and power surges with robust 15Kv ESD protection circuitry enabling organizations to utilize this solution in the field with confidence.

Extended Temperature Support - IOLAN SDS T

The IOLAN SDS T range addresses the need for connecting remote serial devices that operate in extreme temperatures to an enterprise’s IP network. These devices, found in traffic management, pipelines, weather tracking and other remote applications, operate in temperatures that cannot be supported by commercial based serial to Ethernet solutions. The new IOLAN SDS T, available with 1, 2 or 4 ports, will operate in –40C to +74C (-40F to +165F) temperatures, addressing this need.

A power pigtail is included with each unit to connect customer provided external 9-30VDC power to the IOLAN SDS T barrel connector. An optional extended temperature power adapter from Perle is also available.

Integrated V.92 Modem - IOLAN SDS M

The IOLAN SDS M available with 1 or 3 ports is a serial terminal server with an integrated V.92 data modem. Delivering high performance in a compact size, the IOLAN SDS M offers robust security, flexibility and next generation IPv6 technology making it ideal for applications that require remote device/console management, data capture or monitoring over a dial-up modem connection. The on-board RJ11 modem connection provides a more secure and reliable connection to the POTS network versus some competitive models that require an external RJ45 to RJ11 dongle.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Support - IOLAN SDS P

Similar in principle to the way that the wire pair that carries your POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) telephone signals into your house carries sufficient power for the headset, dial, and ringer systems for your telephone, PoE delivers DC power (up to about 13 watt ) over standard Ethernet cabling (CAT5 and better). That is enough wattage to power a growing number of commonly-used devices as well as IT equipment.

PoE has been around for a number of years, with proprietary (and often noninteroperable) implementations from various vendors to power wireless access points, VoIP phones and network cameras. In June 2003, however, the IEEE ratified its 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard, which has, in turn, spurred standard-compliant 802.3af products. This enables organizations now to deploy equipment in locations that are difficult or too costly to have separate AC power installed such as ceilings, walls and kiosks.

The IOLAN SDS P, available with 1, 2 or 4 ports, has full PoE support. It operates as a Powered Device under IEEE 802.3af supporting end-span and mid-span power sources ( PSE ). Some other serial device servers that claim compliancy with 803.2af are in fact restricted to using mid-span power sources - buyer beware.

The IOLAN SDS P also has Inrush Current Protection to protect the device from input current rushes that may occur during power up. The IOLAN SDS P, with this protection, begins with a low current draw stage to protect the power sourcing device (PSD), and then switches to a high current stage allowing the IOLAN SDS P to draw its required power up a maximum 12.95 watts.

Class Leading Support and Warranty

The Perle IOLAN SDS is backed by the best service and support in the industry including Perle’s unique lifetime warranty. Since 1976 Perle has been providing its customers with networking products that have the highest levels of performance, flexibility and quality.

Application Diagrams

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