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Switched CW-24V4 400V 16/32A 3Ph 18xC13 & 6xC19

CW-24V4 400V 16/32A 3Ph 18xC13 & 6xC19The Switched CDU combines remote configuration and management with power distribution and power and environmental monitoring. Reboot a single or dual-power server with one command. Receive SNMP or email-based alerts when power or environmental conditions exceed thresholds. Assign user specific access rights to designated outlets or groups. This Switched CDU provides the flexibility needed for all data centers and remote sites, including power requirements for high-amp, high voltage; UL 60950-1 branch circuit protection; SSL & SSH security; and SNMP-based input current monitoring.

Key Features

  • High Density: Single-power input feed; 24 outlets per enclosure (Qty 18 IEC C13 & qty 6 IEC C19 outlets)
  • High Power Distribution: 3-Phase 400V power option; 16-Amp and 32-Amp power input feed options.
  • Remote Power Management: Power cycle individual power outlets, or groups of power outlets, to remotely reboot servers and network devices, anywhere in the world. Or, power-off unused power receptacles
  • IP Access & Security: Web interface, SSL, SSH, Telnet, SNMP, FTP, SNTP, Syslog, LDAP, LDAPS, TACACS and RS-232 access
  • SNMP Traps and Email alerts: Provide automated alerts for power and environmental conditions
  • Environmental Monitoring: Each Switched CDU supports two external temperature & humidity probes and reports conditions thru the user interface without the need for additional IP addresses
  • Add an Expansion Module: Daisy chain the Switched CDU Expansion Module (CW/CX) for power monitoring of separate power circuits from a single IP address

Ordering Information

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Available Input
Available Input
(L x W x D)
3-Phase, 400 V
IEC 60309
Cordset, 10ft (3m)
(18) IEC 60320/C13 (6) IEC 60320/C19
69.0 x 1.75 x 3.5 in. (1753 x 44.4 x 89 mm)
3-Phase, 400 V
IEC 60309
Cordset, 10ft (3m)
(18) IEC 60320/C13 (6) IEC 60320/C19
69.0 x 1.75 x 3.5 in. (1753 x 44.4 x 89 mm)

* CX part numbers refer to the Expansion CDU
**Click here to view additional information on Power Cords and Cables


Additional Features and Specifications

Agency Approvals

  • European Union (TUVGS mark) to EN 60950-1:2001
  • FCC Class A, Part 15
  • CE
  • EMC - EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024

Communications and Security

  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • SSLv3/TLSv1
  • SNMPv2
  • SSHv2
  • Telnet
  • RS-232 (Serial)


Branch Circuit Protection

  • Compliant to UL 60950-1


  • Optional Temperature & Humidity Probe
  • - EMTH-1-1 Temperature & Humidity Probe, 10ft (3m)
  • Environmental Monitor
  • - EMCU-1-1B allows up to (2) additional temperature & humidity probes, (1) water sensor, (4) dry contact closures, (1) analog-to-digital converter. Includes (1) temperature/humidity probe with unit.
  • SPM (Sentry Power Manager) Appliance:
  • - Monitor and Manage multiple Sentry CDU's
    - Monitor and Manage all alarm conditions
    - Reporting and Trending
    - Group or Cluster outlets for reboot and power information



Expansion Module Model Numbers

  • CX-24V4J411A1
  • CX-24V4K411A1


SPM Appliance


Additional Benefits:

Pops Branch Circuit

- Branch Circuit Protection

The Sentry CDU Family meets the UL 60950-1 requirement for Branch Circuit Protections> UL-489 rated circuit breakers

Pops Temperature

- Temperature and Humidity

The Switched CDU supports two external probes. Each of these probes measure both temperature and humidity. Receive SNMP-based alert notifications when conditions exceed defined thresholds.

Power monitoring PDUs have digital true RMS LED displays

- Input Current Monitoring

Exclusive Digital True RMS current monitoring is critical to preventing overloads in high-density computing environments. LED digital display on the CDU enclosure reports the aggregate current draw of the branch circuit.

Pops Mixed Outlets

- Mixed Outlets

This Switched CDU combines both IEC 60320/C13 and IEC 60320/C19 switched outlets within a single CDU. For rebooting non-responsive servers & network devices.

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