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CW-32VDE Switch Rack PDUCW-32VD Dual Input Rack Switch PDU

230V European Dual Power Input Switched Zero U Power Distribution Unit with 32 outlets

The switch rack PDU combines remote configuration and management with power distribution as well as power and environmental monitoring. Remote reboot a single or dual-power server with one command. Receive SNMP alerts from your switch rack PDU when power or environmental conditions exceed thresholds. You can also assign users specific access rights to designated outlets or groups.

The switch rack PDU allows you to power cycle individual power outlets or groups of power outlets, to remotely reboot servers and network devices, or remotely power off unused receptacles from anywhere in the world.

Only the switch rack PDU products provide the flexibility needed for all data centers and remote sites, including power requirements for high-amp / high voltage, UL 60950-1 branch circuit protection, SSL & SSH security, and SNMP-based input current monitoring.

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Model Number Input Voltages Output Voltages Amperage Available Input Cord** Outlets Dimensions
230V 16A IEC 60320/C20 Power Inlet (32) IEC 60320/C13 50.0 x 3.5 x 2.25 in
230V 32A IEC 60309 Cordset (32) IEC 60320/C13 50.0 x 3.5 x 2.25 in

* Expansion Power Monitoring PDU
**Click here to view additional information on Power Cords and Cables

Power Cords

Model Number Description
PTCORD-1 IEC 60320/C19 - NEMA L6-20P, 10 ft (3m)
PTCORD-2 IEC 60320/C19 - Schuko 10 ft (3m)
PTCORD-3 IEC 60320/C19 - IEC 60309 (BS4343, CEE17) 16/20A Blue (UK Commando) 10 ft (3m)
PTCORD-4 IEC 60320/C19 - BS1363 13A (UK) 10 ft (3m)
PTCORD-5 IEC 60320/C19 - 5-15P (15A Straight-Blade) 10 ft (3m)
PTCORD-6 IEC 60320/C19 - 5-20P (20A Straight-Blade) 10 ft (3m)
PTCORD-7 IEC 60320/C19 - L5-20P (20A Twist-Lock) 10 ft (3m)
PT-ADP-C19 Cable mount IEC 60320/C19 Connector


Model Number Description
EMTH-1-1 Optional temperature and humidity probe, 10ft (3m)
EMCU-1-1 Allows up to (2) additional temperature & humidity probes, (1) water sensor, (4) dry contact closures, (1) analog-to-digital contact sensor. Includes (1) temperature/humidity probe with unit.
SPM (Sentry Power Manager) Appliance
  • Monitor and Manage multiple Sentry CDU's
  • Monitor and Manage all alarm conditions
  • Reporting and Trending
  • Group or Cluster outlets for reboot and power information

Switch Rack PDU Features

Easily replace fuses on your power monitoring PDU

Branch Circuit Protection

The Server Technology Sentry CDU Family meets the UL 60950-1 requirement for branch circuit protection.

Power monitoring PDUs have digital true RMS LED displays

Input Current Monitoring

Exclusive Digital True RMS current monitoring is critical to preventing overloads in high-density computing environments. LED digital display on the switch rack PDU enclosure reports the aggregate current draw of the branch circuit.

Attach environmental sensors to your power monitoring PDU

Temperature and Humidity

The switch rack PDU supports two external 10ft (3m) probes. Each of these probes measures both Temperature and humidity. Receive SNMP-based alerts or email notifications from your switch rack PDU when conditions exceed defined thresholds.


Add a redundant PDU

Connect an Expansion Cabinet power distribution unit to any switch rack PDU* to control two power input circuits and manage outlets (individual or groups) under 1 IP address.

* With the exception of CW-2H IPM-2


Remote Power Control

Individual or group outlet remote power control to cycle power and remotely reboot any selected servers or other network devices. Use TCP/IP (HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, Telnet, SNMP) or RS-232 to communicate with each switch rack PDU and rectify locked-up network devices. Assign outlets to a group for control of dual-power supply servers and other gear with a single command. Create an unlimited number of groups with any combination of outlets associated to each group. Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) a failing server by controlling individual power outlet receptacles on the switch rack PDU to reboot any selected device.


SNMP Management & Event Notification

Server Technology switch rack PDU products support SNMP. This allows network management systems to use SNMP requests to retrieve information from the unit and control power for the individual outlets. The switch rack PDU includes SNMP v1 agent supporting standard MIB I and MIB II objects. A private enterprise MIB extension is also supported to provide network access power control. SNMP traps can be generated for various events.


Secure Access - SSH or SSL Protection

SSH is a Unix-based command interface and protocol for securely getting access to a network access device. The switch rack PDU supports SSHv2. SSL is a commonly-used protocol for managing the security of a message transmission on the internet. The switch rack PDU supports SSLv3/TLSv1.



The switch rack PDU supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Version 3 including LDAPS (LDAP over TSL/SSL). This support enables authentication with LDAP servers. Administrators can pre-define and configure a set of necessary LDAP groups, and access rights for each group.


RS-232 Control

Serial control via any device with a bi-directional serial port, including a PC, laptop, KVM switch, console port access switch, or terminal server.

Additional Specifications

Agency Approvals

Communications and Security

Branch Circuit Protection


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