Power Distribution Units (PDU) & Rack Power Management


Switched POPS - Per Outlet Power Sensing CDU

Server Technology offers a wide range of CDUs (cabinet power distribution unit). The switched Per Outlet Power Sensing. (POPS) monitoring PDU combines network configuration and management with power distribution, environmental monitoring, and the ability to provide power monitoring for individual outlets/devices.

Smart POPS - Per Outlet Power Sensing CDU

Blade servers and high density computing power requirements continue to increase within the Data Center, creating heat proliferation and more challenges for managing the IT environment. To maintain their competitive advantage, data center managers need solutions such as Smart POPS (Per Outlet Power Sensing) CDUs™ that monitor and track servers and IT equipment and the equipment cabinet infrastructure that houses them.

Power Monitoring PDU - POPS (Per Outlet Power Sensing)

In addition to Switched PDU reboot abilities for network access to remote sites and data center equipment the Switched POPS Cabinet PDU provides per outlet measurements of current, voltage, power (kW), apparent power, crest factor, and power factor.

Power Monitoring PDU

Servertech PIP (Per Inlet Power Sensing) Models w/o POPS

Servertech PIP models including Smart PDUs, Switched PDUs, Smart CDU, Switched CDU and Discontinued models. PIPS (Per Inlet Power Sensing) technology replaces power monitoring at the RPP (Remote Power Panel) in data centers with higher accuracy and lower cost monitoring of each power circuit attached to a CDU. This new product feature also replaces the already accurate Digital True RMS feature currently available on intelligent Smart, Switched and POPS CDUs by bringing more types of power measurements from the power infeed to the built in graphic user interface (GUI). Expect the same quality and functionality on current intelligent CDUs, but with an increased level of information to help you make the critical decisions regarding your facility.

Switch Rack PDU

Switched Rack PDU controls network access to remote sites and data center equipment with reboot commands to servers and network equipment.

Smart IP PDU

View power, temperature, and humidity levels via Web browser, and receive SNMP-based traps or email alerts when conditions exceed defined thresholds.


Smart IP PDU

Metered PDU

Metered rack PDU for local Input Current Monitoring of the power loads on each circuit.


Basic PDU

Reliable power distribution with Branch Circuit Protection.

-48 VDC Power Management

Power for telecom, datacom, and network applications in -48 VDC.

Fail Safe Power Redundancy 

Fail-Safe transfer switch supplies single-power equipment with dual redundant power sources.

Console Port Access and Remote Power Management 

Console Port Access equipment and Remote Power reboot commands to connected servers and equipment.

Sentry Power Management (SPM)

Manage all Network Cabinet power distributions (PDUs) from one central location.


Product Accessories including Environmental Monitoring, Power Cords, and Cables.

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