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 Server Technology -48VDC Power Reboot Switch Series: for 48 volt DC high amperage Cisco routers and telco equipment

-48 volt Power Reboot Switch

Server Technology remote power reboot switch products provide power management and power reboot switching, both in band and out of band, for 48 volt DC high amperage Cisco routers and telco equipment. Available with both single feed and dual feed 48 VDC power input and output. These -48 VDC power reboot switches are NEBS compliant.

Control remote sites and minimize the impact of locked-up routers, servers, and other network devices.  The Sentry -48 VDC family of Intelligent PDU's verifies voltage at each power input/outlet connection, provides real time recording of current draw and offers environmental monitoring.
Each power output terminal is protected by a GMT or TPA fuse. There is a wide fuse capacity range available.

Power Reboot Switch Products

Model Number Description In/Out Voltage Outlets/Types Max Capacity
Sentry 4805-XLS-16 -48V high amperage power reboot switch with 16 outlets -48 VDC / -48 VDC (16) 10-Amp controlled outlets 10A Low Current
Sentry 4805/35-XLS-12 -48V high amperage power reboot switch with 12 outlets -48 VDC / -48 VDC (8) 10-Amp & (4) 70-Amp 70A High Current or 10A Low Current
Sentry 4820-XLS-8 -48V high amperage power reboot switch with 8 outlets and 25-amp circuit breakers -48 VDC / -48 VDC (8) 20-Amp outputs with 25-Amp circuit breakers 20A
Sentry 4870-XLS-4 -48V high amperage power reboot switch with 4 outlets -48 VDC / -48 VDC (4) 70-amp TPC fused outlets 70A High Current
PDU 400 -48V fused power distribution unit with 24 outlets -48 VDC / -48 VDC (16) .5 to 15-Amp & (8) 50-Amp 50A High Current or 16A Low Current


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