NetReach™ Model RPB+115

Intelligent Remote Reboot & AC Control Switch


· Remote reboot of routers, servers etc.
· Remote control of communications equip.
· Available in 115V AC or 230V AC Version or -48VDC Version
· Complete control of any 115VAC device via modem or terminal server


· Password Protection
· Plug names, status display, location ID
· All metal construction, 19 inch rack mounted
· Individual control of each plug (ON, OFF, REBOOT)
· Terminal or terminal emulation software controlled
· [ Model RPB+115 Technical Specifications ]
· [ View RPB+ Menu & Status Screen ]
· [ View Configuration Diagram ]

Network equipment sometimes "locks-up" requiring a trip to flip the power switch off and then back on. When distance makes this costly or time consuming, WTI's RPB+ can do it for you. On-command switching will give you convenient remote AC control of your network hardware or any AC powered deviceRPB Pic

The RPB+ is an intelligent unit which offers password protection, user programmable plug "labels" to identify each AC device, programmable location ID, and individual commands to turn ON, OFF or BOOT each of the (5) AC outlets. The unit requires no software, and can be controlled using basic VT100 type terminal emulation software.

The RPB+ is controlled through a DB-9 RS-232 port which can be connected to your modem, terminal or PC. The control port can also be connected to a terminal server for complete in-band network control of your AC equipment.

General Specifications:

· Switched Outlet: 5 Plugs, each rated at 115VAC @ 15 Amp
· Total Capacity: 15 Amps distributed -Total load not to exceed 15 Amps
· Size: One rack unit- 1.75"H x 19"W x 6.5"D
· Switching commands: ON, OFF, BOOT
[ Detailed Technical Specifications ]

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