Intelligent Serial Port Management Switch

NetReach™ Model APS Series

Applications: Rack Unit Pic.


  • Local or Remote Console/AUX Port Switching
  • High Speed Matrix Switching
  • Out-of-Band Remote Network Management
  • Remote Site RS-232 Port Switching
  • Share a Modem Line at Remote Sites
  • Access RS-232 Control Ports from a Single Terminal



  • 19" Rack Mounted
  • DB-9M DTE (COM Port) Interface
  • Password Protection on Every Port
  • Any-to-Any Port Switching
  • 16K Data Collection Buffer on Each Port
  • Data Rate/Speed Conversion (300 to 115K)
  • No Software Required (VT100-Type Terminal Controlled)
  • Optional -48V DC Powered
    [ View APS-16 Main Status Screen ]
  • Menu-Driven Set Up and Control Commands
    [ Technical Specifications ]
  • APS-4 (4-Port Unit):    $ 445.00
  • APS-8 (8-Port Unit):    $ 695.00
  • APS-16 (16-Port Unit):    $ 995.00
  • Please Contact Bomara for -48VDC Pricing

The APS-16 and APS-8 high speed Asynchronous Port Switches provide a convenient means of connecting multiple RS-232 devices for on-site and dial- up remote communications. High data throughput and full modem and data flow control make the APS the perfect data switch for today's high speed communications applications.

Each port can be individually accessed by port number or assigned a port name for easy port selection. Ports are individually configured for data rate partiy and flow control, and each individual port can be password protected. Each APS-16 port can be configured to one of 3 modes of operation: Modem, Any-to-Any or Buffer Mode:

"Modem Mode" is used when the APS-16 is connected to a standard external modem. All hardware control lines required by high speed modems are employed by the APS-16. Ports set in Modem Mode are also password protected, and have the ability to reset the external modem (using a data time-out), in the event of a line disconnect or lock up.

"Any-to-Any Mode" uses the full matrix capability of the APS-16 to connect to any other port on the switch. Ports in the Any-to-Any mode can also be connected in third party combinations by separate ports with supervisor rights. This mode of operation is required if the user needs to connect a modem, a terminal server and a local PC between a number of separate async control ports.

"Buffer Mode" of operation sets individual ports for the collection and storage of "snapshot" data, which is the last 32k received by that port. This "snapshot" of data is stored in non-volatile memory and can be invoked by the systems operator at any time. This is particularly useful in the event that data sent to specific ports during non-connect periods is of importance.

General Specifications [ Detailed Technical Specifications ]

  • Model Number: APS-16
  • Interface: (16) RS-232 DB-9M Connectors (Pinned as PC COM Ports)
    [ View RS-232 Signal Assignments & Pin-Out ]
  • Data Rates: 300 to 115,200 bps All Standard Rates
  • Signals Supported: TXD, RXD, CTS, RTS, DCD, DTR
  • Flow Control: RTS/CTS, Xon/Xoff, Both
  • Modem Control: User Defined Password, Initialization and Hang-Up Strings.
  • Size: 1.75"H x 19"W x 6.5"D
  • Weight: 6 lbs Shipping Weight
  • Power: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 Watts

WTI Part Numbers:

  • APS-16: Intelligent Serial Port Management Switch 16 Ports
  • APS-16DC: -48V DC Powered Unit
  • MC925-6: Modem Cable - 6ft. (External Modem to APS-16)
  • NC-925-6N: 9-Pin to 25-Pin Null Modem Cable 6ft. (APS-16 to 25-Pin UNIX Console)
  • NC-9F9F: 9-Pin to 9-Pin Null Modem Cable 6ft. (PC/COM Port to APS- 16)

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