Ring Activated Intelligent AC Power Switch

NetReach™ Model CallPower-II (CP-II)

Applications:Call Power - CP-II - Call Power II Power Switch

-Reboot locked computers or routers
-Modem power control
-Remote control of any AC device
-Turn on PC or servers for remote access connections


-Reboot if modem will not answer
-Reboot by ring pattern
-Turn computer on if N rings are detected

The Call Power is a unique power switch that is activated only when the remote machine will not answer the phone or when the user detects a failure. It operates transparently to all remote control applications. If a remote unit will not answer the phone, the Call Power will detect a “ring-no-answer” (8 or 16 rings) and turn off the power for 10 seconds then back on. When the PC reboots it will come back online. If the modem answers, but the computer is not functioning properly, the user hangs up and calls back twice within a 5 minute period, and the Call Power will turn off the power. This will reboot the machine so that it can come back online.CallPower II - Ring Activated Power Switch

The Call Power can also be used to turn on a device remotely. The Call Power detects a ringing phone line and counts the number of rings. It can be set to turn power on after

1, 4, 8, or 16 rings. This will allow a PC to be off until called. It will automatically shut off after 1, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. (switch selectable)

General Specifications:

CP-II-115 Call Power Unit, 115v AC (Not Available in 230VAC)
Answer Ring Ring-ON Mode: 1,4, 8, or 16 rings (Switch Selectable).
Re-Boot Mode: 8 or 16 rings. (Switch Selectable).
Power On Delay 1, 15, 30, 60 Minutes (Switch Selectable).
Callback Window 1, 2, 4, 0r 8 Minutes (Switch Selectable)
Switched AC Power 115 VAC Unit - Up to 10 Amps
Input line Power 115 VAC + 10% 60Hz, 10.5 Amps Max.

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