Any-to-Any RS-232 Data Matrix Switch

NetReach™ Model CPM-6400

Applications:CPM6400 - CPM-6400 - Data Matrix Switch

· Console/AUX port connectivity
· Out-of-band network management
· RS-232 port contention switching
· Remote control & console port access
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· Password protection
· 19 inch rack ready
· 48V DC Powered (Optional)
· Menu driven set up and control
· Baud rate conversion (300 to 38.4K)
· User programmable port namesDB-25 Splitter Pic.
· Real-time display of status & configuration
· Also Available in 4-Port and 8 & 16 Port Models
· Terminal or terminal emulation software controlled
· RJ-12 Interface & Optional DB-25F Rack Mounted Splitters
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CPM RJ-to-DB-9/25 Cable & Adapter Information

The CPM-6400 matrix switch and data PBX is designed for any RS-232 application where multiple ports need connection to a variety of other RS-232 devices. The unit is ideal for control of multiple RS-232 control or console ports of network control hardware at remote locations for cost-effective out-band management in WAN environments. The unit can also be used in simple RS-232 port contention applications.

The CPM-6400 offers individual port parameters and distinct baud rates for each port. Devices connected to the CPM-6400 can communicate regardless of dissimilarities between baud rate, parity, etc. Any port on the CPM-6400 can be connected to any other port for complete matrix connectivity by issuing simple ASCII commands.

The CPM-6400 offers password protection on ports 1 and 2 for remote connection via modem. The unit also shows status display of all connected ports, allows administrators to name each port and even establish hunt-groups. All parameters are stored in battery-backed memory, and the configuration of the switch can also be saved to disk for routine reconfiguration or one-time/event reconfiguration.

The CPM-6400 unit consists of a base unit containing the rack assembly, power supply and control card. 8-Port serial modules are then added to create a data PBX of up to 64 ports. Multiple CPM-6400 units can also be interconnected by dedicating link ports to create a larger switching environment.Application Diagram

General Technical Specifications:

· Interface: 8-64 Concurrent RS-232C inputs using RJ-11/12 connectors
(DB-25 female DCE interface also available)
· Coding: Asynchronous, 7-8 Bits ASCII
· Data Rates: 300 to 38.4K (all standard rates)
· Flow Control: Xon/Xoff, CTS/DTR
· Size: 7.0"H x 19"W x 8.5"D
· Weight 25 lbs. (64-Port unit)
· Power Internal 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz, 5 Watts
· (-48V DC Power Supply Optional)
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CPM RJ-to-DB-9/25 Cable & Adapter Information

WTI Part Numbers:
CPM6400X Rack Unit, Control Card, Power Supply
CPM6400S Individual 8-Port Serial Cards
CPM6400B Blank Cover for Empty Card Slots
DB25-8R 8-Port RJ to DB-25F DCE Port Splitter


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