NetReach™ Model FTM-336
Fault Tolerant Rack-Mount Modem

Applications: FTM-336; Front Panel

  • Dial-Up Access to Network Equipment Bays
  • Remote Console/AUX Port Management
  • Use with CMS Series Multiport Console Switches for Out-of-Band Network Management

Features: FTM-336; Block Diagram
  • Remotely Configurable "AT" Profile
  • AC and -48V DC Power Options
  • Internal Filtered and Surge Protected Power Supply
  • Powers Up to Specified Answer Rings and Baud Rate
  • Standard "AT" 33.6 Kbps Modem
  • All Metal Construction - 1 Rack Unit
  • View Detailed Technical Specifications

  • FTM-336AC (Fault Tolerant Modem, 115 VAC):   $275.00
  • FTM-336DC (Fault Tolerant Modem, -48 VDC):   Please Contact Bomara for Pricing.

The FTM-336 Fault Tolerant Modem is designed for applications that require a "must answer" modem that easily installs in standard 19 or 23 inch equipment bays. Designed for remote sites, the FTM always resets itself to answer on the specified number of rings, and is set to a fixed baud rate at the modem port. No external "AT" commands are required to configure the modem upon power-up, which is ideal when attached to equipment that cannot send "AT" setup strings.

Remote Configuration
Remote "AT" profile configuration allows you to configure modems anywhere in your network from one location. With password-protected remote configuration, you can issue AT commands to a remote FTM for maintenance or troubleshooting as if you were on-site.

Fault Tolerant Operation
Special circuitry in the FTM monitors for power brown-out, static discharge, and loss of carrier conditions. Any of these conditions will cause the modem to be reset and refreshed with an internal "AT" command string to assure reliable "must answer" operation.

FTM-336, Back Panel AC and DC Powered Models
The FTM-336 is available in both 115 VAC powered models and -48 VDC powered models. The -48 volt DC version is ideal for remote locations where AC power may not be available.

Reliability and Support
The FTM is built in the USA and backed by a two year warranty. NetReach products are installed in thousands of network sites world wide. Our customers know they can depend on superior quality and reliability for their most mission-critical operations.

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