Telnet+Dial-Up Network Power Switch

NetReach™ Model NPS-115


·Remote AC power control
230 VAC Model Also Available
·Reboot routers, servers, DSU/CSUNPS115 - WTI Remote Power Reboot Switch - Remote Power Control - NPS-115
·Turn ON/OFF any AC powered device via Telnet, modem or local terminal
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·Eight (8) individual outlets
·Dual 15-Amp circuits
·Integrated 10-BaseT Interface
·RS-232 modem and console ports
·Outlet-specific password security
·Network Security Features
·Power-up sequencing
·Co-location features
·Modem auto-setup command strings
·Telnet or terminal emulation software controlled

Network equipment sometimes "locks-up" requiring a service call to a remote site just to flip the power switch to perform a simple reboot. The NPS network power Switch gives network administrators the ability to perform this function from anywhere on the LAN/WAN, or if the network is down, to simply dial-in from a standard external modem for out-of-band power control.

Intelligent Power Control
The NPS-115 can be controlled over any TCP/IP network using generic Telnet, or out-of-band by using an external modem and basic VT100 type terminal emulation. Each independent outlet can be switched ON, OFF or Booted (OFF-delay-ON). Each outlet can also be assigned an individual password, device name, reboot delay time and unique power-up default state.NPS-115 Picture - Remote Power Reboot Switch - NPS115

Security and Co-Location Features
The NPS unit employs address-specific IP security authorization to prevent unauthorized sources from entering the NPS command mode. Two levels of operational passwords are also available; the system admin. level, and individual user level. The user-level security features are ideal for co-location applications where multiple users may be allowed plug-specific access to the NPS unit.

Dual Power Bus Flexibility
The NPS-115 is equipped with two separate 15 Amp power circuits. Each bus has it's own source AC inlet, circuit breaker and 4 switched outlets. This allows for switching redundant A/B power supplies or switching devices with high current requirements.

[ View Detailed Technical Specifications ]
[ View Administrator Status Screen ]

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