NetReach™ Model PLS-345

Physical Layer Switch

PLS-345; Front and Back PanelApplications:

  • Controlled A/B Switching of Cat5 Connections
  • A/B Routing of 10/100 Ethernet, ISDN, DSL, Telco, or RS-232 Lines.
  • Remote Switching to "Out-of-Service" or "Off-Line" Conditions.
  • Switch to Backup Firewall or VPN.
  • Disaster Recovery Switching.

PLS-345; Block DiagramFeatures:
  • Three Individually Controlled RJ-45 Circuits.
  • IP and Password Security Features.
  • Signal Monitoring for Automatic Switching.
  • Retains Selected Position with Power Off.
  • Independent 10Base-T Ethernet Control Port.
  • Independent RS-232 Console Port.
  • Independent Modem Port for Out-of-Band Management.
  • View Detailed Technical Specifications

The PLS is designed for applications that require automatic routing of Cat5 10/100 Base-T signals between a common jack and an "A" and "B" jack. The PLS is also ideal for switching RS-232, DSL, RS-422/485, or telephone lines.

Remote Switching
This versatile A/B switching system can be controlled over any TCP/IP network using standard Telnet, or out-of-band using an external modem and basic VT100 type terminal emulation. Each of the three A/B circuits can be switched via code command or locally via manual switches from the front panel. Other intelligent features include; password, site ID, connector labels, status display and more.

PLS-345, Back Panel Monitor Mode
The Monitor Mode allows the PLS to monitor an external RS-232 or contact closure input and automatically switch selected A/B paths. Definable parameters allow the user to select the monitor signal trigger duration, circuits to switch, and the option to return to its original A/B position.

Security Features
Address-specific IP security masks prevent unauthorized sources from accessing the PLS menu through the network. The PLS provides two levels of operational passwords; the system administrator level, which allows access to all configuration and switching functions, and the user level, which only allows switching of the circuits.

Easy to Configure, Easy to Use
The PLS can be configured over the network, via modem, or the local console port. Easy to use commands let you assign a location name, set system parameters and view circuit status. Circuits can be switched using circuit numbers or names.

Reliability and Support
The PLS is build in the USA and backed by a two year warranty. NetReach products are installed in thousands of network sites world wide. Our customers know they can depend on superior quality and reliability for their mission-critical applications.

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