NetReachâ„¢ Model RPS-10

Code Controlled, Expandable 115 VAC Power Control / Reboot Unit




  • RPS-10 M (Master Module, One Plug, Expandable, 115 VAC):   $ 165
  • RPS-10 S (Satellite Module, One Plug, Expandable, 115 VAC):   $ 145

RPS-10 Application Diagram Have you ever needed to toggle 115/230 VAC power On or Off at a remote installation site, but the only way to do it was to travel to the site and manually switch the power? When distant equipment locations make AC power control expensive or impractical, the RPS-10 Remote Power Switch can provide a cost effective means for controlling AC power to remote devices using simple ASCII command codes.

The RPS-10 system consists of one master module which controls AC power at up to nine "satellite" modules in response to ASCII command codes sent via an RS232 interface. The master module and satellite modules each include one AC power outlet, that can be individually switched On, Off or Toggled when an ASCII command is sent to the target module. This allows you to take equipment off-line, or reboot devices without leaving your office.

The RPS-10 Master Module is controlled via a serial DB-9M RS232 interface. Additional RPS-10 satellite modules are linked together using 4-wire RJ-11 cable, providing an end-to-end distance of up to 2,000 feet.

Simple ASCII commands control power switching at each RPS-10 module; command strings consist of a control sequence, the address of the desired target module, and an operation instruction followed by a carriage return. If desired, the command string can also return a message which lists the current On/Off status of each RPS-10 module in the link.

RPS-10 Back View The RPS-10 can be rack-mounted or distributed throughout the facility for more convenient control of remote, AC powered equipment. A Heavy Duty Version, the RPS-10 HD is also available for up to 15 Amp (115 VAC) power requirements, and for power control in 230 VAC environments, the RPS-10 EC can switch or toggle up to 5 amps at each module.

General Specifications:

  • Switched Outlet:  1 Plug, Rated at 115 VAC @ 10 Amps Max.
  • Control Port:  RS-232 DB-9 Male (DTE)
  • Link Port:  RS-485, Dual RJ-11 Jacks
  • RPS Rack PicData Rate:  2400, 9600 Bps - Switch Selectable
  • Power:  Internal: 115 VAC (Max 10 Amp Load)
  • Size:  1.65:H x 5.50"W x 5.0"D
  • Rack Tray:  19" Tray, Holds (3) Modules (Optional)
  • Attention Red Hat Cluster Manager Users

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