Telnet & Dial-up Remote Port Manager

NetReach™ Remote Site Manager

Applications:Diagram of RSM Manager - RSM-800

· In-Band/Out-of-Band Port Management
· Remote RS-232 Port Selection
· UNIX Console Connectivity
· Ethernet Access to RS-232 equipment
· Can be used with WTI Remote Reboot Products


· 10BaseT Ethernet port
· Any-to-Any port switching
· Password Protected EntryWTI RSM-800 - Remote Site Manager
[ View RSM-800 Main Status Screen ]
· Data Rate Conversion (300 bps to 38.4Kbps)
· Full modem support for Out-of-Band access
· (7) RS-232 Ports
· Optional -48V DC Powered
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[ View RSM-800 Technical Specifications ]

Network managers now have a cost-effective way to access and control network elements at remote sites. The RSM-800 Remote Site Manager allows both In-Band and Out-of-Band access to any equipment designed with an RS-232 command port or Out-of-Band management console port. In-Band access allows the network manager to use current Wide Area Network structure to reach the RSM-800 for remote port selection and network configuration. If the network is down, the RSM-800 can be accessed by a dial-up modem for management of the same network equipment. This cost effective alternative or back-up to SNMP can eliminate the need to travel to equipment closets or worse yet, to remote sites -- even it the network is down! The RSM-800 Ethernet connection supports TCP/IP(Telnet) and IPX protocols with a 10BaseT connection. The modem port supports any external modem and is managed by the RSM-800 to ensure access. Both Network and Modem entry ports are password protected with user defined passwords. The RSM-800 uses a simple menu driven structure to allow the network manager to connect to any port. Individual port parameters for data rate, parity, flow control and other operating parameters make connecting to slower speed equipment easy. The RSM-800 does all data conversion automatically. The RSM-800 can be connected to a CPM-1600 port selector to expand the number of ports or to one of the Power Control products to reboot remote equipment.

[ View RSM-800 Technical Specifications ]

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