DDP2000 PCI Bus Extension host computer card

This product is now discontinued. Please Contact Bomara for reconditioned units, service on your existing unit, or an equivalent replacement unit.

  The Digital Desktops System is composed of a desktop appliance, PCI add-in card, and an administration interface utility, DWorks.  The add-in card (AIC) is available in a Cat5 version (DDP2000) which will extend the host computer PCI bus to your Desktop appliance up to 300 feet (100 meters) away. The fiber version (DDP2100) extends this distance to 2600 feet (800 meters). The card is installed in the host computer by simply plugging it into an available PCI slot on the motherboard.

Features and Benefits
  • PCI Bus 2.3 extension - Plugs directly into the motherboard PCI bus enabling peripheral extension from the desktop to the computer without compromises.
  • Layer 2 Ethernet protocol - The link between the Desktop Appliance and Host card uses Layer 2 Ethernet protocol.  This enables IT managers to implement a cost-effective centralized management system using the DWorks administration interface utility.  Support of centralized Network configurations enables administration features such as scanning the network for Digital Desktop devices, device status, device power control, centralized flash upgrade and the ability to link user to PC.
  • Copper & Fiber connectivity media - The AIC card is available with Cat5 or Fiber connectivity giving you the flexibility to interface to your exiting network infrastructure. The fiber version offers the additional benefits of longer distance, EMC immunity and high-speed data transfer.
  • Existing Iinfrastructure Support - Supports PCI-based machines, Win 95-2000, ME, XP, and most Linux distributions.

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