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DWorks Administration Utility

  This optional software administration tool provides IT managers with the ability to efficiently manage Avocent's Digital Extension Technology.  With DWorks, administrators can pair users or PCs, read and display current system and device status, and modify configuration settings when running via a Gigabit or greater Ethernet switch.

Features and Benefits
  • Centralizes Administration. Co-locate all end user PCs or blades to one location for easier repairs, maintenance, upgrades and administration. Easily switch users from a non-functioning machine to a functioning spare within minutes.
  • Layer 2 Switching. MAC address switching with Ethernet gigabit switch. Eliminates the use of expensive and dedicated physical layer (1) electronic patch panel.
  • Flash up-grade. Centralized management of flash upgrades
  • Pair and separate devices. Centralized admin controlled pairing or separation of users and machines. No physical connections to be made. Pick and pair from a list of desktop appliances and PCI AIC cards using a simple click and Pair command. Separate attached devices with a simple click and separate command.
  • Professional GUI Interface. Ease of use and management
  • Network scanning. Supports both P-P and networked configurations. In network mode it can send out a broadcast request to inquire all active attached devices.
  • On Line Help. Ease of use professional on-line help - efficiencies

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