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Remote DC Power Switching Device controlling Three separate Ports

* Remote Control over standard telephone line
* Local Control through a standard RS-232 Port

DC3-TT Front DC3-TT back


The DC3-TT is a DC power switching device, used to open or close relays on each on the three "Out Ports" on the unit. It is normally used to control the power to up to three other DC power devices, ON/OFF/RESET.

It operates at DC voltages from 7V to 30V. The "Out Ports" (Controlled Ports) are rated at 10 amps. This can assigned to one port or split between the three ports.

Both the input and the output connections are made through stripped wire terminal lugs (16-24 AWG). The DC3-TT itself consumes less than 1 W of operating power.

DC3-TT can be controlled remotely over a standard telephone line (land or cell) using a standard Touch Tone key pad. It is password protected and can share the telephone line with other standard telephone devices. The key command entries can also be automated using a standard modem and AT dial string at the dialing end even though there is no modem at the controlled end.

The DC3-TT can also be controlled locally through a local RS-232 port (filtered adapter required). The RS-232 port can also be used to change some of the operating parameters. TTL logic level control can also be provided on custom units (0-12V.) (+ = ON / 0 = OFF).

You can also make inquires as to the status of power (relays) or the set up configuration. The responses are in "beeps" over the phone lines or a screen display with RS-232. Either of the two methods may also be used to change the touch-tone password as well as other operating parameters (local or remote). Both methods of control may be used simultaneously.

Up to ten units can be daisy-chained together using RS-232 control or put multiple units on the same telephone line with different passwords, using touch-tone control.

Operating temperatures 0 to 70C.
Mechanical Relay duty cycle 20 million operations at 18,000 operations per hour.
Electrical is 300,000.
Relay operating temperature is (-25 to 70 C).
RoHS compliant

DC3-TSS Power Switch  
Item No SWTDC3-TT        Price Contact Bomara  
Physical    4.5" W x 3" D x 1.25" H, 1 lb.  
Connectors  (2) RJ-11 TelCo/Control,(4) Terminal Blocks (IN/OUT)  
LEDs        (4) Port, Power  
Switches    (1) Reset  
Bell        None  
Cable       (1) 7' RJ-11 6-Wire Phone Cable  
Adaptor     None  
DC Power    7-30V @ 10 Amps

  ---------- OPTIONAL ADAPTERS ------------    
RJ Filtered Adapter (9 Pin to RJ-11)
Item No CA9R11-IPN-F  Price Contact Bomara  
(Required for Serial Port Connection)        

---------- REMOTE CONTROLLERS -----------

Optional External Controllers       
External TELEPHONE LINE Controllers        
SP-RRC One Telco Line and One Control Port (to U-X3)        
   Item No SWTSPRRC            Price Contact Bomara          
3P-RRC One Telco Line and Three Control Ports (to U-X3)       
   Item No SWT3PRRC            Price Contact Bomara          
FTS One Telco Line and Three Control Ports (to U-X3)       
   Item No SWTFTS              Price Contact Bomara         
FTS-8 One Telco Line and Eight Control Ports (to U-X3)      
   Item No SWTFTS8             Price Contact Bomara         

NETWORK Controller       
N-RRC One RJ-45 TCP/IP Network Connection and One Control Port (to U-X3)        
   Item No SWTRRC-N            Price Contact Bomara         

Cell Controller        
C-RC One RS-232 port and one Control Port (to U-X3)        
    Item No SWTCRC              Price Contact Bomara     
 See the specific Controller for additional specifications  

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