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Eclipse DQ is an on-line directory application that allows operators or receptionists to locate company personnel rapidly. An easy to use Web interface allows other staff to access the corporate directory using a standard Web browser. The use of Eclipse DQ will allow an organization to deal with incoming calls in a highly efficient and professional manner.

Multiple views of an organization's structure can be presented and searches performed on a product, service or cost center basis. Users can have individual screen layouts and can perform multiple searches either by line or by using a directory tree. A feature of Eclipse DQ is its speed of searching. Character-by-character searching is used and responses are available in less than 1 second.


The number of entries within the Eclipse DQ database is unlimited, and each entry has up to 30 fields for the insertion of relevant information, 20 of which are user definable. Access to sensitive information can be restricted by the use of a robust security system. Fast access to other information such as supervisor notes or emergency procedures is available using a single keystroke.

A powerful messaging system is available to keep operators fully informed of the whereabouts of key personnel. These messages can be set to automatically expire after a certain date or time.

Eclipse DQ can be integrated with Eclipse CMS, providing a single entry point for data. It can be installed as a stand-alone system or as part of a multi-user, networked application.

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