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 Phone Fraud Detection:

Phone Fraud Detection


  • Value added service
  • 24 Hour a day monitor
  • Analyses calls in real time
  • Alarms if suspicious telephone activity detected
  • Notifies by email, SMS, SNMP or ASCII
  • Individually configured per site
  • Monitors unlimited number of multi-vendor sites
  • minimize loss to fraud

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The Tracker Phone (Toll) Fraud Alarm System is designed to combat the ever present problem of fraudulent use of a company’s telephone system. Each year businesses lose significant amounts of money due to internal abuse or external fraud.

You could use a call logger or check your carrier bill for the presence of phone (toll) fraud, however both of these will occur some time after the fraud started or the abuse occurred; this delay could cost you thousands.

The Tracker System checks calls as they happen and notifies you immediately if suspicious activity is detected. The system checks not only individual calls but it can also look for call patterns both in and out of normal working hours. If suspicious activity is detected, an alarm can be delivered by email, pager, SMS or to one or more central monitoring services.

The Tracker system is easily installed, runs automatically 24 hours a day and needs very little attention. Fraud and abuse are a fact of life for your business, whether large or small. Our Tracker Phone (Toll) Fraud System combats this menace and provides you with peace of mind; can you afford to be without it?

Dial Through Fraud
Dial through fraud, also known as Phone or Toll Fraud, can occur when your voice system is used by outsiders to make free telephone calls at your expense. The growth of fraud is being assisted by the growing sophistication of voice networks together with open interface standards.

Internal Abuse
Employees, contractors, cleaners and security staff can all use your company's telephone system and can call expensive premium rate or international numbers. It is not just about the price of the call, it is also the time spent on the call that is wasted.

Call Detection
Our Tracker Phone (Toll) Fraud System can be programmed to detect a whole variety of different calls and calling patterns by time of day, day of week and rate of occurrence. Examples include:

  • premium rate numbers
  • international calls
  • tandem calls
  • calls to specific numbers
  • calls transferred from voicemail
  • calls to / from DISA port
  • long duration calls
  • short duration calls (war dialing)
  • calls outside office hours

Alarm Notification
Alerts include the last call record that triggered the alarm and can be delivered in ASCII text or SNMP format. Delivery methods include modem dial out, LAN, WAN, internet, email, pager or SMS service.

Central Alarm System
Our Tracker Phone (Toll) Fraud System is compatible with leading alarm monitoring systems such as HP Openview or our Alarm Management Software.

Telephone Systems Supported
The Tracker Phone (Toll) Fraud System can be used on most popular telephone systems and works with both IP and legacy systems.

Call Logging
Our Tracker Phone (Toll) Fraud System can store call records for collection by a call logging system such as the Data Track Eclipse CMS Software.

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