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 ALD-19.2: Asynchronous RS-232 Line Driver

ALD-19.2 Asynchronous Line Driver



  • Interface - RS-232 and Dedicated 4-Wire
  • Data Rates - Asynchronous 9.6K and 19.2Kpbs
  • Point to Point operation
  • Full Duplex Operation
  • Transmission Range-2000 feet on 24awg wire
  • Transfers Control Signals In-Band
  • No AC Required
  • Built-in Surge Protection


The Asynchronous Line Driver (ALD-19.2) utilizes state of the art digital CMOS technology to provide a feature filled product at a very affordable price. The ALD-19.2 transmits and receives data bi-directional at data rates up to 19.2kbps. The unit is designed for asynchronous Point-to-Point operation.

The ALD-19.2 utilizes a microprocessor to pass control signals bi-directionally independent of data or carrier operation.

The ALD-19.2 is configured as a DCE interface. Control signals for RTS and DTR are passed as in-band flow control. This flow control is full duplex and control signals are transferred simultaneously in both directions.

The ALD-19.2 is switch selectable for data rate and asynchronous data format. The unit supports 7, 8 or 9 bit data and is capable of transmission rates at 9.6k or 19.2kbps.

Applications that benefit from the ALD-19.2 are computer to remote printer applications or multiplexer to remote DTE connection. The ALD-19.2 is very popular in the retail industry for remote thermal printers.

Utilizing new 1998 technology has allowed the ALD-19.2 to operate without AC power. The unit has the ability to operate with only one control signal being active.

The ALD-19.2 is housed in a sturdy metal enclosure and has a three year warranty and a 24 hour turnaround on warranty repairs.




Application Full Duplex Asynchronous Point-to-Point operation utilizing flow control in-band
Interface RS-232 and 4-Wire
Data Rates 9.6K and 19.2Kbps
Switches Dip Switch for Data Rate, Character Length and control signals of RTS or DTR
RS-232 Physical Interface Male DB-25 Connector
4-Wire Physical Interface 5-Position Terminal Block
Line Requirements Four Wire private, unloaded with no bridge taps
Surge Protection RS-232 and 4-Wire interface
Power Source No AC Power Required
Environmental Operating Temperature . .32º to 122º F (0º to 50º C)

Relative Humidity. . . . . . .5 to 95% Non-Condensing

Altitude. . . . . . . . . . . . . ... .0 to 10,000 feet

Dimensions Height ....... 0.50 inches (1.27 cm)

Width ........ 1.75 inches (4.44 cm)

Length ....... 3.90 inches (9.91cm)

Weight 1/2 pound (0.228Kg)
Warranty Three Years, Return to Factory
Approvals CE Approved
Ordering Information: Model: ALD-19.2
Part: 125000

Description: Async Line Driver

Included with each unit: 1) Operations Manual

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