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 Network Management:

Network management software beginning with user interface, and the network configuration up to the network monitoring.

Industrial HiVision

The intuitive user interface makes unknown networks visible and allows rapid and simple visualization of the topology.

Annual Maintenance Plan

Cost-effective service for automatic update of Industrial HiVision.


HiVision enables secure and easy configuration as well as the monitoring of industrial network components in real time.


HiView gives you direct access to the graphical user interface of managed switches in our HirschmannTM product range. This tool, which supports a variety of Windows and Linux operating systems, also serves as a client for our network management software, Industrial HiVision.

HiView 02.0

HiView allows users to benefit from Hirschmann™ products' web interface, without any browser or Java library installed on their PCs. In addition, HiView is a portable application. It does not require any installation and does not alter any PC registry entries. It even works directly from removable media such as USB drives and SD cards, for ultimate portability. But HiView is not just a replacement for a web browser. The comfortable Selection screen shows which Hirschmann™ devices have been accessed recently, with the most popular listed at the top. A single click connects to the required device. For added security, it is simple and convenient to view the security certificates of both the products and the Java library. And HiView will automatically use the most secure communication method.

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