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Markets Served
Big Data Cloud Computing
Big Data Cloud Computing:
Products for UPS power, server room cooling, Power Distribution Units (PDU's), custom cabinets, KVM switches and On-Site Services.
Industrial Market - Data Converters Short Haul Modems Short-Haul SHM Interface Devices Fiber Optic Fiber-Optic Telebyte
Harsh environment Ethernet switches, Interface converters, data switches, muxes, large UPS systems...
ISP, Internet Service Providers, Bomara Associates
CLECs and ISPs:
Products for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) & Products for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Includes NEBS products, Ethernet switches and DC rectifiers.
Military Market -  Rugged, Ruggedized computers, IBI, UPS Systems
Rugged Enclosures and shipboard UPS Systems.
Commercial Market - Unix Software, X-Windows Products NCD, Isocor, LDAP, WinCenter, PCXware, Xware, xwindows
KVM switches, Ethernet switches, single and three-phase UPS systems.
We support educational institutions with special pricing.

Major Product Lines
UPS Products:
Uninterruptible Power Supplies from small units to large 3-Phase Systems. We also do battery replacement and service for your existing UPS.
Remote Reboot Switches:
Remote Reboot Power control via web. IP Ethernet in-band and RS-232 out-of-band boxes to remote power reboot both AC and DC outlets.
PDU Products (Power Distribution Units):
0U, 1U, 2U, Horizontal and Vertical Power Distribution for Single and Three Phase Applications.
KVM Switches:
Keyboard-Video-Mouse multiplexers to concentrate multiple servers to one KVM. Also KVM extenders and expanders.
-48VDC Products:
Telco products and solutions for -48VDC market including NEBS products, -48VDC rectifiers and power plants, Ethernet switches, and serial console/terminal servers.
Interface Converters:
Data converters, Short Haul Modems, Interface Devices, Fiber Optic Products...
Smart Grid Utility Products:
Harsh, Rugged, Ethernet Products both Copper and Fiber Converters, Switches, Routers and Power Systems.
Technical Whitepapers:
A collection of technical papers on UPS, Remote Reboot Switches, Ruggedized Ethernet Products & Smart-Grid Utility Applications.

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Phone: 800.5BOMARA (800.526.6272)

Phone: 978.452.2299


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3 Courthouse Lane, Chelmsford, MA 01824 USA
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