Accratech's Linear/1 is an isolated, medical-grade UPS designed for the demands of professional service. The linear/1 features no-break transfers, high surge capability, multiple voltage outputs and ultra-low leakage current to minimize patient risk.

APC designs, manufactures and markets Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and surge protectors to improve the reliability and productivity of computer systems worldwide by protecting hardware and data from the ongoing threat of power disturbances.

Avocent makes KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) Switches for server room and enterprise applications, both analog and digital systems encompassing multi-user, multi-platform products using CAT5 Cable and IP Connectivity. Also KVM Extension and Expansion products to over 600ft. Products include AutoView, OutLook, SwitchView, LongView, XP Family, and AMX Family.

Cybex has merged with Apex and is now known as Avocent.

Best Power manufactures & services Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) from small units for PCs through mid-range computer systems to large 3-phase units for large computers and industrial applications.

Computer Peripheral Systems, Inc. (CPS) manufactures Data and Telephony hardware. The product line includes: Telephone Line Sharing, Modem Routing, Dial Security, Automatic ReBooters, Remote Reboot Switches, Remote Access and AC Power Control, RS-232 sharing, Call Waiting, and Unisys related network products.

East Coast Datacom makes Digital Sharing Devices, Interface Converters, Line Drivers, Signal Splitters and adapters which solve network connectivity problems in a cost-effective manner.

East Coast Datacom makes Digital Sharing Devices, Interface Converters, Line Drivers, Signal Splitters and adapters which solve network connectivity problems in a cost-effective manner.

Eaton Powerware offers a full line of uninterruptible power systems (UPS's), power management software and world class service. Powerware products are used in networking, PC, financial, medical, industrial, voice and data communications, military and aerospace applications - wherever continuous power is essential to daily operations. 

Bomara services Eaton Powerware Green and Quality UPS power units with replacement batteries and on site 7 x 24 service.

GarrettComs' Magnum line includes an extensive range of Ethernet and Fast Ethernet products that may be configured with an internal or external 48 volt DC power supply (48VDC).

Ethernet and Fieldbus products for industrial, rugged DIN Rail, compact industrial and outdoor applications. Managed and unmanaged layer 2 and layer 3 switches including RSP(Redundancy Switch Protocol) both PRP and HSR for total fault tolerance throughput. These products are used in many different applications such as factory automation, process control, transportation and mechanical engineering.

Martin International Enclosures manufactures a high-quality line of standard and custom rackmount enclosures and accessories designed and marketed specifically for the Data Center, Networking, and Telecommunication environments (NEBS). Martin's newest innovation in enclosure technology, the Power Distribution Enclosure (PDE) integrates branch circuit power distribution to the server cabinet via a built in raceway. Also the HXU an In-Row Chilled Water Heat Exchange Cooling cabinet.

Power Distribution Units (PDU) for single phase and 3 phase power in 0U, 1U, 2U rack or chassis mount configurations. Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) for small to medium power fallback applications where redundant power (N+1) is required.

Server Technology (ServerTech) is the leader in Basic, switched, smart, metered, PIPS, POPS single to three phase Power Distribution Units (PDU).  This includes the standard 120,208,220-240, and the new 415VAC.  We also do -48VDC PDU and reboot switches.

The data center facility contains racks of Information Technology (IT) equipment that consists of Server Racks, Network Racks, and Storage Racks. The Data Center industry has been a primary focus of energy consumption for many years due to increasing power demands and the need to continuously provision for more power.  LEEDS, PCUE, PUE, DCiE, PIPS, POPS  are all factors in intelligent PDU units and software management  and Server Tech is the leader of the pack.

S.I. Tech manufactures fiber optic communication devices such as modems (media converters), multiplexers, repeaters, hubs, and cable assemblies for LAN, WAN, Industrial, and Military Applications.

Telebyte is the Worldwide Source for Fiber and Copper Connectivity. Renowned leader in data conversion modules, short haul modems, Interface converters, and DIN rail products.


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