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Powerware 9104

  • Double Conversion Online Technology

The Powerware 9104 UPS delivers premier power quality, backup power protection, and power management for networks, Web servers, telecommunications equipment and other critical UPS applications.  While offering basic surge protection and backup power, the Powerware 9104 UPS additionally offers the best UPS power protection against all nine common power quality problems.

Features and Benefits

  • Uninterruptible power protection against power failures, power sags, power surges, brownouts, line noise, high voltage spikes, frequency variation, switching transients and harmonic distortion to provide the highest degree of protection
  • Advanced Battery Management (ABM™) - doubles battery service life
  • Prolongs backup time with Extended Battery Modules (EBMs)
  • Conditions incoming power without depleting the battery to preserve battery power for complete power outages
  • Standard Automatic Bypass Switch - prevents your equipment from crashing
  • Rating: Double Conversion Online Technology provides reliable operation
  • Ensures data integrity with free Software Suite bundle
  • Advanced Power Isolation for clean output voltage
  • Wide selection of system enhancing options
  • Triple power warranty (US and Canada)
    • 2-year limited UPS warranty
    • 10-year pro-rated UPS warranty
    • $25,000 UPS load protection guarantee
  • Enhances warranty coverage with optional Gold Plan
Rating: 3.1 - 6 kVA
Voltage: High and low voltage models available (see brochure for details)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Configuration: Internal batteries; External extended battery pack available
Topology: Dual Conversion Online

System enhancing options

  • Extended Battery Packs housed in separate, matching cabinets provide extended backup time. Up to three battery cabinets may be daisy-chained with easy "plug and play" connections for more extended time. Battery packs for the rack-mount models, like the main UPS units, fit in standard 19-inch equipment racks. To provide maximum flexibility, batteries for the international RSi models come in separate battery packs.
  • Second RS-232 Interface on rear panel allows UPS to communicate with two different platforms independently.
  • Remote Power Warning Cable Interface Kits enable the UPS to initiate a shutdown in the event of a power failure. A 25-foot cable is provided. The interface accommodates AS/400 as well as other operating system platforms.
  • Start-On-Battery allows startup of the computer network from the UPS battery in the event of AC line failure.
  • Remote Distribution Receptacle Box is available with individually protected circuits and an eight-foot line cord that plugs directly into the rear of the UPS. A LI4-30R receptacle plate must be installed on the UPS to use this option.
  • Rack-Mount units are available for the North American 3.1 kVA models (RS) and all international models (RSi). The unit is supplied with mounting brackets for easy installation into a standard 19-inch electronic equipment rack. The front panel on the rack configuration is mounted horizontally with all the controls and functions identical to the standard tower models.
  • Maintenance Bypass Switch (Panel Option) allows input voltage to bypass the UPS and go directly to the connected equipment if an abnormal condition prevents the UPS from supporting the load.

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