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 Powerware 9330 3 Phase UPS power protection:

Discontinued Unit: Please contact Bomara for reconditioned units, service, or replacement units

Product Snapshot
Rating: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40kVA
Voltage: 208/208, 480/208, 480/480, 600/208  VAC
Frequency: 50 and 60 Hz
Configuration: Single Module - Reverse Transfer
Powerware Hot Sync - Redundant
Powerware Hot Sync - Capacity
Powerware Hot Sync - Capacity/Redundant
Topology: Online

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10-20kVA Spec Details

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Battery runtimes


Powerware has once again set the standard in backup power protection and power management higher than any other power quality company with the Powerware 9330 UPS.  The product integrates all of Powerware's award-winning UPS technologies, UPS software and service capabilities into a single module capable of supporting critical servers, ISPs, telecommunications or process control equipment from 10-40 kVA.

In addition to offering surge protection and backup power, the Powerware 9330 UPS power supply offers the best power protection from all nine common problems.


Special Features

  • Maximum Availability - true double conversion online design, the proven technology that is used for the most mission-critical applications in the world. It's virtually impossible to find line-interactive, pseudo-online or any other kind of UPS other than double conversion online supporting 24/365 data centers, facilities, ISPs and major telecommunications installations.

  • Maximum Reliability - with Powerware Hot Sync, the award-winning, patented technology that achieves paralleling for redundancy and capacity (up to four modules) with no system-level single-point-of-failure. The preferred paralleling technology installed around the world with such major customers as ETrade,, and Citibank, Powerware Hot Sync will be available in the 10-20 kVA range mid-2001 with the Powerware 9330.

  • Maximum Efficiency - the Powerware 9330's advanced design features the highest level of efficiency of any double conversion online UPS with 92% efficiency. That number increases to 97% with the debut of Powerware's Energy Optimizer patented technology. No need to compromise reliability for efficiency with the Powerware 9330.

  • Maximum Performance - the Powerware 9330 delivers the highest performance by using Digital Signal Processing, true Pulse-Width-Modulation and maximum IGBT responsiveness. This provides easy setup, drift-free operation and a pristine output signal.

  • Global Services - Powerware service professionals provide round-the-clock monitoring, remote diagnostics, and on-site maintenance programs. More than just a material warranty, this is the most comprehensive service coverage available in the industry. Powerware Global Service provides our customers with peace of mind that potential downtime is prevented by proactive service and monitoring.


Specification Overview

  • Double Conversion Online Technology provides reliable operation

  • True Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Technology and Digital Signal Processing - increases overall system reliability and ensuring perfect power on the output.

  • Energy Optimizer™ Mode - increases operating online efficiency from 92% up to 97%.

  • High Efficiency - increases overall system reliability, availability and performance and equals lower overall cost of ownership. 

  • Powerware Hot Sync™ Technology - is a paralleling system that reduces the risks of traditional UPSs by eliminating connections that can fail and shut down a critical load. Each UPS module operates independently of other modules to synchronize and support the load. Powerware Hot Sync permits the UPS to sample the output power over 3,000 times per second, adjusting and synchronizing accordingly. This unique approach to paralleling provides redundancy and capacity capability with system availability of 99.99 percent or greater.
    This feature will be available for the Powerware 9330 model 20 mid-2001

  • Battery Management System - includes  DC Expert ™, Temperature Compensated Charging (TCC) and Battery Circuit Test (BCT).

  • Global Service - The most comprehensive service coverage available in the industry. Round-the-clock monitoring, remote diagnostics, and on-site maintenance programs provide the customer peace of mind. 

  • Intelligent Communications & Monitoring - An extensive array of communication gives the customer the ability to mange the Powerware 9330 locally or remotely via serial or network communications.

  • Built-in Control Area Network (CAN) assists in integrating peripherals and options, controllable from the control panel. It also reduces the internal wiring connections required therefore increasing overall system reliability.

  • Superior Cooling Design - Keeping critical components at the coolest possible levels, ensures precise system operation and extending the life of system elements.

  • Environmental Capabilities - efficiency combined with a well-engineered cooling design allows the UPS to reliably operate under extreme environmental conditions.

  • Internal Maintenance Bypass - Provides the ability to quickly perform maintenance on the critical load essential to maintaining overall systems availability and reliability.

  • Field Expandable - The Powerware 9330 provides our customers with a UPS that can grow with their system needs, whether it's to increase the kVA rating or change system configuration from a single module system to a multi-module redundant or capacity system.

  • Comprehensive Communications and User Interface - A large LCD display and control panel is ergonomically situated for operator interface with the unit. Soft keys help guide the operator through all menus and setups. A dedicated microprocessor had been designed and engineered to provide sophisticated full featured monitoring, extensive alarm history, and additional communication options, including Ethernet, network links, and modems. The intelligent firmware controls are designed to provide maximize protection to the critical load, and prevent operator actions that might jeopardize the load, such as the Smart Load Off button.

  • Generator Compatibility - Double-conversion online UPS technology is the only topology that can regulate frequency without transferring to battery.

  • Dual Feed Inputs - Separate rectifier and bypass feeds are standard which increases availability by providing input feeder buses.

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