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 Eaton 9390IT: Backup System 40 kVA

40 kVA* 40 kVA with Internal Battery

Product snapshot

  • Product rating: 40 - 60 kVA
  • Form factor:End-of-row tower
  • Topology: Double conversion
  • Voltage: 208, 400V
  • Frequency: 55-65 Hz
  • Output: Integrated IT Distribution Sidecar
  • Batteries: Internal batteries available on 40 kVA
  • Efficiency: 99%
40 kVA*
(Parallel Capable)
40 kVA with Internal Battery
(Parallel Capable)


Bomara offers Sales, Service, Support & Battery Replacement for all 9390IT models



The 9390IT offers data centers and facilities greater flexibility and simplicity than ever before. Not available on competitive UPSs in this class, the 9390IT delivers simple plug-and-play power connections and expansion. Now data centers and facilities no longer need to hire expensive electricians when adding equipment racks or changing floor layouts. By simply plugging in a compatible extension cable and/or ePDU, new racks can be powered in a matter of minutes.

The 9390IT provides superior protection and efficiency through transformerless design and sophisticated sensing and control circuitry. The 9390IT delivers 99 percent efficiency, compared to 92 percent for the same-sized competitive UPS. The 9390IT also provides optimal efficiency across the UPS load range, meaning it maintains high efficiency down to the 20 percent load level. The 9390IT enables you to yield significant savings on day one, and not after years of expansion to full capacity.

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Part Number Power Rating (VA/Watts) Input Plug Output Receptacles
TA04A1001150010 40000 / 36000 Hardwired Hardwired
TA04A2001150010 40000 / 36000 Hardwired Hardwired

  Please click here for a full 9390IT specific configuration guide and ordering part numbers

UPS rating (0.9 power factor)
kVA 40 - 160
General characteristics
Efficiency 99%
Audible noise <65 dBA @ 1 meter
Altitude (max) 2000m at 40ºC (104ºF)
Available with Internal Battery* 40 kVA
Available with Integrated IT Distribution* 40, 80, 120 and 160 kVA
Input characteristics
Voltage 208, 400
Voltage range +10% / -15%2
Frequency range 55-65 Hz
Power factor 0.99 (min)
Input current distortion <4.5% (no input filter required)
Soft start capability Yes
Internal backfeed protection Yes
Broadcast global support Yes
Output characteristics
Voltage 208, 400
Regulation ±1% in double conversion
Inverter PWM with IGBT switching
Voltage THD4 <2% (100% linear load); <5% (non-linear load)
Load power factor range Down to 0.9 pf leading without de-rating
Heat dissipation (BTU @ full load) 40 kVA, 208V: 11.8, 480V: 10.9
80 kVA, 208V: 23.6, 480V: 21.9
160 kVA, 208V: 47.3, 480V: 43.8
40 kVA Internal Battery Unit Hardwire output connection
Integrated IT Distribution Units

40 kVA: (12) L6-30R, (6) L21-30R, (4) L22-30R, (4) IEC309-60
80 kVA: (12) L21-30R, (6) L22-30R, (6) IEC309-60, (4) IEC309-60
120 kVA: (9) L22-30R
160 kVA: (6) IEC309-60
Note: Rear access is required for receptacles

Battery (40 kVA Integrated Battery Model)
Battery types VRLA, 12V, 9Ah
VRLA, 12V, 9Ah 480V
Charging method ABM (Cyclic) or Float
Dimensions (H x W x D) inches

40 kVA: 73.7 x 18.9 x 31
40 kVA with Internal Battery: 73.7 x 27.9 x 31
40 kVA with Internal Batteries and IT Distribution: 73.7 x 34.9 x 31
40-80 kVA with IT Distribution: 73.7 x 26.9 x 31
120-160 kVA with IT Distribution: 73.7 x 43.9 x 31

Optional accessories

  • Module tie cabinet
  • External maintenance bypass
  • Integrated distribution cabinet]
  • Isolation transformer
  • Extended Runtime Battery Cabinet (IBC)3
Safety UL1778, cUL
EMC IEC62040-2 EN50091 Class A (restricted access)
Surge ANSI C62, 41 Cat, A&B
eNotify Remote Monitoring service
24x7 remote monitoring of UPS and battery alarms, daily heartbeat check and monthly report required. ConnectUPS-X Web/SNMP Card and Environmental Monitoring Probe are included with enrollment.
Software compatibility - Intelligent Power Manager, FORESEER,
Power Xpert
Communications cards - Four (4) communication bays standard.
The following connectivity options can be installed at any time:

- Modus Card
- Relay Interface Card (Use for AS400s)
- Industrial Relay Card (5A@120V)
- Hot Sync CAN Bridge Card provides CAN communications,
isolated RS-485 port
- Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP)

Remote inputs/outputs - two building alarms inputs and on summary
alarm contact (5A@120V) standard
Four more building alarm inputs available with the Communications
Expansion Option Remote panel - eight backlit status indicator lamps
plus an audible horn
* Requires the Parallel Card option (RS-485 port) and requires an external 120V power supply to drive the
remote monitor panel.

2. At full load without battery discharge.
3. IBC battery cabinets are not available on 40 kVA units with internal batteries.
4. Not applicable in Energy Saver System mode

  9390IT Configurations:

40 kVA with Internal Battery 40 kVA* 40 kVA with Internal Battery and Integrated IT Distribution 40-80 kVA with IT Distribution 120-160 kVA with IT Distribution
40 kVA with Internal Battery
(Parallel Capable)
40 kVA*
(Parallel Capable)
40 kVA with Internal Battery and Integrated IT Distribution 40-80 kVA with IT Distribution
(requires Extended Runtime Battery Cabinet)

120-160 kVA with IT Distribution
(requires Extended Runtime Battery Cabinet)

  Available receptacle options

  Easy plug-and-play distribution

Single-corded loads

The 9390IT is perfect for powering single-corded loads in an end-of-row configuration. By simply plugging in compatible ePDUs and extension cables (if necessary) you can add racks and power equipment easily.

Dual-corded loads

The 9390IT is also convenient for dual-corded loads and adding redundancy. By placing one 9390IT at each end of the row, ePDUs can be easily run to power servers and IT equipment giving you a redundant power scheme.

  IT distribution sidecar offers plug-and-play power distribution

9330IT UPSs feature an IT distribution sidecar which allows for power distribution directly from the UPS. The sidecar features an integrated maintenance bypass accessible from the front for easy maintenance and service. You can add racks and additional capacity without requiring an electrician to add a branch to an existing panelboard.

  Intelligent web-based management and monitoring

Intelligent Power Software Suite (IPSS), Eaton’s innovative software solution, combines the two most critical applications in ensuring system uptime and data integrity: power monitoring and management, and graceful shutdown during an extended power outage. IPSS not only enables you to manage the 9390IT, it lets you manage other power devices across your network. All from a web-based, easy-to-use interface.

  Energy Saver System delivers 99% efficiency

The 9390IT provides the highest efficiency and the highest reliability in an integrated system. And this efficiency translates directly to cost-savings. By using Eaton’s Energy Saver System (ESS) the 9390IT offers flexible, on-demand functionality. It does this by placing the inverter in “ready state” during optimal conditions, and flashing to full double-conversion online in less than 2 milliseconds when a power problem is sensed. This is different from conventional UPS eco modes, where the inverter has to start cold, which extends the transition time greatly and can cause in-rush and downstream static switch problems.


  Service and support

Proven warranty and support services

Customers consistently rank Eaton services number one in quality. Eaton’s comprehensive, world-class service solutions are designed to improve costs, uptime, reliability, power quality and safety. And with 240 field technicians in North America, Eaton is able to handle any service easily and quickly.

The 9390IT standard factory warranty covers:

  • System warranty: One year parts / 90 days labor
  • Battery warranty: Two years parts / 90 days labor

Extensive service options for enhanced reliability

For support beyond the warranty period, Eaton offers enhanced service options including onsite startup, corrective and preventive maintenance, battery solutions, training, remote monitoring and factory spare parts and upgrades. Customizable three-phase UPS services packages allow you to select the plan that provides the right combination of system uptime, convenience and value.

eNotify Remote Monitoring

Eaton’s eNotify Remote Monitoring Service provides 7x24 realtime monitoring of the 9390IT and battery systems and alerts both service technicians and the customer when a problem is detected. Proactive monitoring enables technical experts to respond immediately to more than 40 alarm conditions and, in many cases, resolve issues remotely with minimal or no downtime.
Additional eNotify benefits include:

  • One-way outbound status and event e-mails for security and reliability
  • Fast diagnosis and notification of critical alarms
  • Monthly customer reports including power event logs and overall UPS and battery health summaries

Battery Runtime for 40 kVA units with internal batteries

12V, 9 Ah
String voltage = 480V (40 batteries, 240 cells)
8 minutes @ full load

Compatible ePDUs

Catalog Number Input Plug Cord Length (ft)
Output Receptacles
ePBZ92 L6-30P 6 (20) C13, (4) C19
PW105SW0U154 L6-30P 9 (16) C13
PW309SW0U178 L21-30P 9 (24) C13
PW105MI1U164 L6-30P 9 (12) C13
PW309MI0U256 L21-30P 9 (30) C13, (6) C19
PW317MI0U222 IEC309-60 9 (12) C13, (12) C19


With individual breaker protection for each receptacle the 9390IT with IT distribution provides and safe and flexible power solution for IT and data center environments.

Pictured here is a 40 kVA 9390IT with an L21-30R IT distribution cabinet.
40 kVA 9390IT


  Extended Runtime Battery Cabinet (IBC)

For 80-160 kVA units, and 40 kVA units without internal batteries

The available IBC-S and the IBC-L provides up to 66 minutes ofun time at full load in an integrated cabinet to provide industry-leading power density and run-time in one compact footprint.
The integrated cabinets offer exceptional flexibility with standard integral, line-up-and-match configurations and available remote installation options. The unit’s front access design allows for easy servicing and the cabinets are UL 1778 listed with flame retardant batteries that meet UL 94V2 for computer room installation.

Accessory Cabinet Dimensions And Weight

Accessory cabinet IBC-S IBC-L
H”x W”x D” 22.5 x 31.6 x 73.7 42.7 x 31.6 x 73.7
Weight Up to 2445 lb Up to 4835 lb
IBC-S(Left) IBC-L(Right)  


Option Part Number
Eaton 9390IT EBC - 22 mins runtime
Eaton 9390IT Extended-run battery cabinet to give 22 mins base runtime
Eaton 9390IT EBC - 42 mins runtime
Eaton 9390IT Extended-run battery cabinet to give 42 mins base runtime
Eaton 9390IT EBC - 66 mins runtime
Eaton 9390IT Extended-run battery cabinet to give 66 mins base runtime


VYCON flywheel
The VYCON VDC-XE flywheel systems offer a highly reliable DC power source. The VDC and VDC-XE Direct Connect UPS backup systems offer an alternative to lead-acid based batteries and bring unprecedented power capacity for instantaneous and reliable backup power

  Power Management Connectivity

Option Part Number
CAN Bridge Card
CAN Bridge Card for paralleling units and/or RMP/RIM/SCM interface. x2 for N+1, x3 for N+2
Power Xpert Gateway UPS card
The Power Xpert Gateway UPS card allows direct connection to Ethernet networks and Web access to Eaton Powerware x-slot compatible UPSs.

  Power Management Software

UPS and ePDU Supervisory Software
Part Number
Intelligent Power Manager
Enables monitoring and management of multiple network power devices and integrates seamlessly with VMware's vCenter Server and Microsoft's SCVMM. 
free download
66925 (Silver)
66926 (Gold)
UPS Protection Software
Part Number
Intelligent Power Protector
Provides automatic, graceful shutdown of PCs, servers and virtual machines during extended power outages. Compatible with ESXi, Hyper-V, Xen and KVM.
free download

Power Distribution and Bypass

Eaton ePDU
Enclosure Power Distribution Units distribute power to 4 to 45 receptacles in high-density rack environments. The plug-and-play architecture organizes power distribution, simplifies cable management and lets you add and change IT equipment without an electrician


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